Bonjour Mes Amis...

Ma maman et j'espère que vous adorez notre blog !

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My ABC's of Thanks...

Trying to get a family pic on Thanksgiving...
The only one where we all were looking at
Aunt Jen Jen's camera...

Mommy was trying to get me to smile by tickling me...
I guess it worked...
Mommy and Me...
We are so thankful for each other and for YOU!

I am thankful for so many things...
I decided I would post an alphabetical list
of what I hold dear to my heart and what
I am blessed to have in my 21 month old life!
(of course that includes YOU!)

A~ Animals, Adalyn, Aidan, Armani,
Aquariums, Aunt Summer, Ava
B~Baas (sheep),Barney, Beach House, Bobbie,
Bok Bok, Books, Booty, Bubble Baths
C~Caroline, Charlotte, Cinnamon,
Cheese, Chips, Climbing, Coffee Cake,
Cooking, Colin, Crayons
D~Daddy, Dancing, Dip Dip,
Diggers and Dump Trucks, Drea
E~Eensy Weensy, "Elesants,"
Eliza, Ella, Elmo, Emus, E-O
F~Flowers, French Fries, Friends
G~GG, Giraffes, Grandma "Dewy,"
Goats, Grandpa Fred and
Grandma Martha , Grayson, Gym
H- Hannah, Hippos, Head Toe,
Honey, Honor, Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate
I~Ice (crushed or cubed)
J-Jackson, Jean, Aunts Jen
and Jen Jen, Jeddi, Jumping
K~Kate, Kitties
L~ Leaves, Lions, Lollipops, Love
M~ Mermaids, Mia, Michael, Mills,
Mommy, Moon, Muffins
N~ Nanie, Na-knee(Nancy), Neal, Neighs (horses)
O~ Ocean, Oma, Ops (frogs/bunnies),
Otto, Outside
P~Paint, Papa, Pineapple, Playdoh, Price
Q~ Quesadillas (dillas)
R~ Rainbows, Rhinos, Rocks,
Rosies (Ring around the Rosies), Running
S~ Sand, Seahorses, Shells, Singing, Slides,
Stamps, Stars, Stickers, Swings
T~ Tee Tees (cookies), Tigers, Trees, Turtles,
Tweets (birds), Tinkle (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
U~ Uncles...D, E, Evans, and Marky, and David too
V~ Vanilla Ice Cream
W~ Waffles, Watermelon, Walrus,
Webb, Wyatt and his 2 kitties
X~ X-tra Time Playing Outside
With Fam and Friends (J'adore Sage Creek Loop!)
Y~ Ya-Ya, Yogurt
Z~ Zebras, Zoo

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mommy and Paisley's Obsessions...

Mommy was encouraged by her
previous co-worker and pal Kelly,
to blog about her top 5 obsessions and then for her to
encourage 5 of her blogging friends to do the same.
So, in no particular order here mommy goes:

Mommy's Current Obsessions:
1. Taking pictures and blogging about moi
and reading mes amis blogs (daily!)
2. Having a little red wine and
dark chocolate to unwind from the day
3. Anything from this store
4. pilates
5. mommy "poppy" aka coffee
6. can she add one more???
~I think we frequent Target more than the grocery store!
We go at least once a week!

To stir it up I thought I would add my top 5 obsessions:

1. "Anmals"- anywhere, anytime~
I am really into kitties,"peapocks," fish,
goats, cows, zebras, hippos,
rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers, frogs, and pups!
2. dip dip (ketchup or syrup)
3. nature- water, sand,rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt,
grass, flowers, trees, stars, moon, sun...
4. books- one of my all time faves: Dear Zoo
5. music- singing, dancing, playing
6. can I add one more???
My Be Bo!

Okay, mommy's pals...
It's your turn!
1. Aunt Summer
2. Eliza's mommy
3. Hannah's mommy
4. Vaughn's mommy
5. Noah and Zach's mommy
Can we add one more???
6. Sophie and Jake's mommy

Now it's YOUR turn!
We'll be checking your blogs...

Paisley (and her mommy)

p.s. We are so grateful for all of
our obsessions...aren't you?

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Week Of Gratitude Begins...


Early Winter 2007 in California
In Oak Glen with Neal...
I am so excited we are going there tomorrow~
I am so curious to see if they still have goats, reindeer, and "peapocks!"

Modeling my lovely lashes...
Cuddling with Aunt Jen Jen...
Loving my 1st taste of sand...

Mommy and daddy are safely back from Las Vegas
and we are now at my Ya and Papa's.
I had the best time with Grandma Judy aka "Dewy!"
Thank you grandma for taking me to the beach, the park,
and on long walks. Thank you for showing me how
to roll down a grassy hill, and for playing
"potty" with me! I had so much fun!
Thank you for feeding me yummy food
like hash browns with dipping sauce,
and for reading me stories like November.
Thank you for comforting me when I realized mommy and daddy
were gone. Thank you for singing songs with me, and
for giving me so much love.
Thank you!

*In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday,
I will continue to blog about what I am grateful for the rest of this week...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shower Cap Saturday...

Moi as a Bathing Beauty in Nanie's bathtub at the beach house...

Mommy told me to say "Oh la la" and pretend Nanie's
shower cap was a Parisian beret! Ha!

I have landed safely in Southern California...
I am still recovering from my cold but I am
feeling so much better. Mommy and Daddy are
off to Las Vegas this weekend and I am
hanging with my Grandma Judy at the beach house.

I love it here!

The sky is pink at night,
choo choo's go by every hour (it's so fun to wave at all the people),
dolphins jump in the ocean, seals bark on the rocks,
pelicans fly overhead, surfers ride the waves,
and I play in the sand.

I love it here!

Happy Weekend Mes Amis...
Sending warm, and sunny California kisses to y'all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Daddy's Girl...

This is how I roll...

Checking out the "amals" at the Austin Zoo...

Roar! We loved watching the lioness play with her ball
(kind of like pup)...

Daddy and I also liked getting up close
and personal with the monkeys...

Walking hand in hand...
(my favorite way to roll!)

Daddy is my pal.
He takes me to get treats like
happy meals, shaved ice, and muffins at Starbucks.
He lets me dance with him while he is trying to workout and
always incorporates me into his pull-up routine!
I am getting good!Since daddy is often at home working,
he will take me downstairs while mommy showers,
and let me help him cook breakfast.
He always shares what we make him...
Daddy is my pal.
He loves to take me to fun places
like Kiddie Acres, The Zilker Zephyr,
The Zoo, The Austin Children's Museum and any aquarium.
He always lets me pick out a treat~
Last week I got a sheep at the zoo!
Daddy is my pal.
He lets me ride on his shoulders and tickle his scratchy beard.
He counts the stairs with me when we go up to take a bath.
He reads stories to me with silly voices.
He snuggles with me and says prayers every night.
Daddy is my pal.
He loves me unconditionally.
He sacrifices and works really hard for our family.
He loves me and he loves mommy soooooooooooo much!
He is present in my life.
Daddy is my pal!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Haircut For Moi...

On Monday mommy took sick little me 
to get my 4Th haircut...
(hmm, could have been a set up for a serious melt down)
I felt pretty comfortable in the salon...
No tears, no tantrums, just a little wiggling...
But I was able to hang in there long enough to get the job done!
After my haircut we went to the bakery
 and I got to pick out a "tee tee"...

It was a sugar cookie, shaped like a pumpkin with orange frosting.
Mommy was adventurous enough (or crazy enough) 
 to let me eat it in the car!
You can see the frosting stained my hands a bit-
and don't forget I have a cold so mix in a little fluid from my nose too!
 Good times were had for mommy cleaning up that mess!

 I know some of you are still in shock at the amount of hair I have
on my little head.  Especially when you know my mommy and daddy
were not blessed with fab hair like me.  
Well, my friends we think 
this hair came from my Jeddi Abdine!  
Thanks Jeddi for the fantastic
hair genes!

p.s. Mommy and I are feeling better today and as of right now 
we are going to attempt to fly to California at 6 pm tonight.  
Thank you friends for all your love and support.  
We love receiving comments on Piggy Press.  
Oh, and please pray for us tonight!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

California Will Have To Wait For Me...

For at least one more day...
I tell you, it has been a week!
It all started last Tuesday when my
funky rash spread behind my ears (TMI?)
That's when mommy and I went into 
isolation so I wouldn't infect mes amis with my lovely
toddler germs.  On Thursday we went to see
the doctor to make sure this thing wasn't contagious 
(it wasn't~ just a little dermatitis)
and that's where I picked up this nasty cold (we think).
Mommy and I were suppose to be on a plane right now for So Cal
but we are not.  I am getting ready for bed and I just had to vent.
Have you ever had one of those weeks were everything just didn't seem 
to go your way?  It has happened to us before- we are not strangers 
to this experience but it seems so much harder when you are unable
to be around your support network (friends, family, daddy etc).
It has been just the 2 of us and we are feeling a little blue.
Mommy's had to rely on email, text messaging and facebook 
to feel connected to the world.That's just sad.  Poor Mommy!
Poor mommy is wiped out.  She cried about 4 times today.
She cried for her dear friend whose grandfather passed away.
She cried because she was overwhelmed with getting ready for 
our trip and taking care of me without getting 
good sleep the past 4 nights.
She cried because she wants to see Ya and Jen Jen so badly it hurts.
She cried watching the beginning of Finding Nemo.
Poor mommy.  She even got some of my poop 
on her wedding ring while changing a diaper tonight. 
Poor mommy.  Thank goodness daddy saved the day.  
He changed out flight for tomorrow.
He coordinated with family members.  
He continued to reassure mommy all day long that he would
 take care of everything.  He told mommy he loved her.  
He told me he loved me.
He called us a lot today.  He is our hero...
And that's why California 
will have to wait for me one more day!  
Thank you daddy!

p.s. I think mommy needs a hot bath, a glass of wine 
and a good night sleep.  
That should make her feel better! 
 Wouldn't you agree?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Staring Contest...

As mentioned in my last post,
Mommy and Daddy took me to the 
Austin Zoo on Saturday.  We had so much fun.  
I really enjoyed playing the staring game
 with the animals.  Mommy and Aunt Jen Jen use to play
 this game when they were little girls. They would make funny faces 
at each other to see who would laugh first!
This is how the stare down began before we arrived at the zoo~ 
I was staring at mommy because I needed more muffin!
(one of my latest food obsessions!)
Then I had a stare off with a tortoise but it began hissing at me...
So, I made my way over to the goats.
They seemed a little friendlier...
I was grinning from ear to ear because I won the staring contest!
Take that Mr. Goat!
Oh, my poor eyes are so tired from all the staring...
Time to go home and take a nap!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Gleeful me at the Austin Zoo
Looking at the lions...

This is how I feel when out
and about on a crisp fall day
with my mommy and daddy~

p.s. How could I not be thrilled to be out of the house?
I have been in isolation all week due to some funky
toddler stuff going on with my bod!

Mommy "Poppy"...

Just a little cup of "poppy"...
Mmmm, delish!
Mommy, would you like to try some?
Not bad, I could get use to this!
Anyone who truly knows my mommy,
knows she loves her coffee.  
(She lived in Seattle for 4 years, peeps- what do you expect?
At least she's not still wearing flannels and docs!)
Every morning she makes her special cup of joe 
but on Fridays or on a "treat" day she goes to Starbucks. 
(We realize this is not the best coffee in the United States
 but it is convenient- 
It is in walking distance and it also has a drive thru!)

Last week after gym we jotted over to Starbucks 
for mommy's usual skinny vanilla latte.
I got a milk and mommy 
put it in a grown-up cup just for me.
I looked like I was drinking a "poppy" like mommy! 
Who could resist a few snapshots of this?

We were very excited to see they had their holiday cups out...
This reminded mommy of her teaching days.
She use to go on Friday mornings 
before school to pick up her "poppy!"
And all her teaching pals would be so happy 
when the holiday cups were out~

These cups are a tradition for mommy. 
We can't count on snow in Texas so 
we mark the holiday season commencing with a Starbucks cup!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tiger Gets A Bath...

The other day I experimented with my stamping markers...
I stamped a little yellow on my tiger's belly...
Mommy kept saying that tiger needed a bath...
So, tonight I brought tiger into the tub with moi!
I rinsed tiger really well under the facet...
Then, I decided to drink a little water myself...
I got a tad bored with the whole thing so I began 
playing with my nose...
In the end we both came out clean!
Bon Nuit!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Mommy and I have been on a roll...
We have baked 3 different things in 3 days.
1st we made Ina's pizza dough,
then we made blueberry muffins,
and today we made Ina's Blondies.
(Okay, confession time...they came from a box but we still
got dirty in the kitchen which is progress for mommy.)

Mommy was starting to wonder how
many blondies a blondie could eat!
We had a hard time with self control...
Thank goodness we like to exercise!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pizza Night...

Pup and his bro Suge played and ate too!
They were "jailed" while the pizzas were out~
Don't worry, daddy gave them bones!

Daddy and Uncle Evans goofing off in the kitchen...
(Can you spy the grape in the air???)

Mommy and daddy cooking in the kitchen...
(Can you believe my mommy actually made the dough from scratch?
I helped her, of course!)

Aunt Drea sampling the sauteed mushrooms...

Daddy quickly became the dough master...

Last night Aunt Drea and Uncle Evans
came over to play(with me) and make pizza with us.
I got to join in on making the dough but
I was asleep when the real fun began!
Mommy got this great idea for personalized pizza's
from Aunt Summer and Ina, of course!
We must do it again soon...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Morning Sass...

Sunday morning began with my usual routine.
Mommy got me up...
She took off my jam jam's and put on a 
This is generally how I look when I wake up in the morning...
After dressing we went downstairs for some milk for moi
and coffee for mom...
After about 30 minutes I always start asking for food...
(My current faves to chow on in the morn are: 
oranges, pineapple, toast, 
yogurt, and sometimes waffles or muffins!)
I don't like to wait!  
A girl has got to eat~
(Mommy had to take pictures this morning because I was
rocking some 80's hair, for sure~ My Aunt Jen could 
give mommy a few tips on styling though!)