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Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Wands...

One side is hot pink with a heart flower...

and the other side is chocolate brown with
Eliza's 1st initial and a few vintage
bobbles to adorn it!

Not only is my birthday coming up,
but so are the birthdays of
a bunch of my pals.
So, mommy decided she would
get crafty and make each of them
a special "birthday wand."
Honor was the first to receive
her wand earlier this month.
Mommy made her a pink and
green butterfly wand. We have
been told by her mommy
that it is getting a lot of love
and attention! We love hearing that...

Tomorrow we are off to Houston
to celebrate my girl Eliza's 4th birthday.
It will be a princess party~
I am wearing a tutu, and I have
instructed mommy that I want
to bring my crown, too!
We hope Eliza adores her heart wand!

p.s. To all my gal pals with birthdays coming up,
if you would like to customize your wand:
please choose 2 colors, select a butterfly or heart shape,
and leave mommy a comment and she will get right on it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy's Thought for Thursday: My Baby is Almost 2...

Getting love from Kate and Neal...

Sitting around with Kate and Jackson...

Hi there Kate!

Look at me, I am lovable...
Getting love from mommy and Papa Neal...

I can't believe it...
My little pig is going to be
two, 3 weeks from today!
Yikes, where did the time go?
So much has happened in a year
and I am so grateful I have been
blogging so I have some form
of documentation of all that has
occurred. The good, the bad, and
the really sad. These pictures
were taken in early February 2008.
Paisley is at her Ya and Papa's
with her beloved cousins:
Kate, Neal and Jackson.
We have had many wonderful
moments with our families in
California over the past 2 years sharing our
Paisley with them. It is so different once you
have a child and the joy you
see them bring to so many different
people you love, too!

I also chose to post a picture of my
grandfather reaching out to touch
Paisley. They had such an amazing
connection. She talks about him
almost every day. It amazes me that a
child who has not physically seen someone
since they were 15 months old can remember
them so vividly. I love when Paisley "talks"
to her Papa Neal. She will "call" him on
the phone and say: "Papa Neal. How ya doin'?
I ate bok bok, dip dip, fries and a fork!"
Every time she does this, my heart melts.
This is one of the reasons I adore my girl~
She has such a big heart. She loves her
family and her friends deeply.

Over the next 3 weeks we will begin
the countdown to our little pig's big birthday...
I will post way too many pictures, lists of favorites,
favorite memories, adventures, travels, etc.
I will completely understand if you boycott
Piggy Press until after February 19th...
Although you may miss something

Lots of love,
Paisley's Mommy

Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia Gets Her Own Show...

Ten Reasons Why J'adore Olivia the Pig
and Why I am Thrilled She
Finally Has Her Own Show:

1. She accessorizes...
tights, hair bows, shoes, bathing suits, etc.
2. She loves her cat.
3. She feeds her baby brother William
blueberry pie which makes him sick!
4. She goes to the museum, comes
home and attempts to paint like
Jackson Pollack on her own wall!
5. She 'saves' the circus.
6. She sews her torn toy
(that her pup destroyed)
and continues to love it just like
I did with Vincent Van Kitty!
7. She loves to jump on her bed
like she is queen of the trampoline...
(Hmm, I love to do this too!)
8. She reads stories with her mommy
before bedtime like moi...
9. She rides a scooter.
(Daddy, when are you going to
put my scooter together that
Cousin Jackson got me for Christmas???)

10. She has so much spunk!

p.s. Olivia premiered today...
I can't wait to see her come to life!
Will you be watching too ???

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If You Haven't Voted...

Please vote today in my haircut poll!

Should mommy...
Leave my head of hair the way it is???
Give moi a little trim???
Or a whole new look for 2~
A chic shoulder length bob???

Squeezes and Spaghetti on a Saturday...

Starting the party with a little...
squeeze from my daddy...

Look Mommy, pasta!

It might be easier to eat like pup does...

or like Lady and The Tramp...
So much fun!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure
of going to a birthday party
for my dear pal Honor.
We ate cupcakes,
we played, we dressed up in
jewels, feather boas, princess
crowns, sunglasses, and to
top it all off~ I ate spaghetti for the
very first time! It was delish!
Mommy keeps promising me
she will make me some for dinner
but she is a little slow with
her promises these days.
I still love her all the same!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Piggy Tales: Barney at My Gym...

On Wednesdays I go to gym class.
I am always so excited to go
climb, slide, jump, bounce,
roll, tumble, hang, and play
with my good pals Ella and Grayson.
This week I started talking about the gym
with mommy. It went a little something like this:

Moi:"Barney at gym!"
Mommy: "Barney's at the gym?"
Mommy: "Who else?"
Moi:"BJ (pause) Baby Bop!"
Mommy: "Wow, I don't know we will have to see...
What are they doing at the gym?"
Moi: "Hiding"
Mommy: "They are hiding?"
Moi: "yes."

Later on that morning we hit the gym.
I went straight over to the trampoline
to jump with my pal Grayson.
I started chatting away about Barney
being at the gym. Grayson's mommy thought
I was talking about bunnies!!! Mommy had to
explain to her my thoughts!
Soon after I got off of the tramp and
walked back to the bathrooms
and started calling after mommy...

Moi:"Look mommy, Barney!!!"
(I was pointing up at the wall)
Mommy: "Oh, yes Paisley you are right
Barney is at the gym!"
(Barney was on a poster back by the changing table!)

Mommy and I said bonjour to Barney
on the poster and went
back to tell our friends all about it!
I knew Barney was going to be at gym class!
I can't wait to see him again next week...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flat Nathan Visits Austin...

Introducing Nathan to our Pup, Otto...

They became friends instantly...
Pup even let Nathan hang out with
him in his crate!

Nathan enjoyed playing tea party,
store, and kitchen with me!

He missed school a lot so we made
sure to practice reading, and writing...
He taught me a thing or 2~

We even got cozy on pups bed by the fire...
Nathan requested a little down
time every once in awhile...
He liked sitting in my "rock baby"
chair. I think he was a little homesick!

Nathan took his meals in my high chair...

and sometimes I would let him sit with
me at my big girl table!

We had the most fun together when mommy
and I took him to My Gym for a free play...

We jumped together...

threw a few hoops...

climbed a rock wall...
(this was Nathan's favorite activity!)

and rolled around a bit...

Our family took Nathan with us
to my pal Honor's Fancy Nancy Birthday Party!
Here he is playing with balloons
with Aidan and Webb ...

Webb showing Nathan his cupcake...
Nathan with the present he
helped us wrap for the birthday girl...
Nathan with the party favors...
He loved the prince wand!

How exciting it was to open a letter
from the great state of Washington
to find our house guest Flat Nathan
ready to be unfolded, and fed...
At first I was not sure about him.
I am struggling with sharing my
toys, time, and attention with anyone
these days but I soon grew very
fond of our new friend. We had
so much fun together. I really
enjoyed playing tea party, store, kitchen,
and trains with Nathan. He
was a good sport playing with
me! He said he was use to playing with
little kids because he has
a little brother and sister!
Nathan was a very kind, and thoughtful
house guest. He had excellent manners
and enjoyed playing with pup, climbing
the rock wall at My Gym and eating
cupcakes with Webb and Aidan
at Honor's 2nd birthday party.
We are sending Nathan on to my cousins
Kate and Neal in California for a visit.
We will miss him but we are so glad
we got to spend the month
having him in our home.
He is welcome anytime!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act~Save Handmade...

"Rock star" Eliza...

Oh Fiddlesticks tees are Tres Chic...

Ava and Mia hanging out together~such stylish models...

Mills~ showing us his "word"...

Moi, as the "bookworm"...
Oh Fiddlesticks tees look fab with Baby Legs, too...
Mills' version of "rock star"...

Mommy and her pal Jen
have been living a dream~
They decided last spring to
work together to launch
a line of tees for tots
called Oh Fiddlesticks!
(check out their blog...)

It has been a whirlwind adventure
for the dynamic duo until
recently when they were hit with
the news that the government had
passed an act to regulate the amount
of lead and other chemicals in
products intended for children age 12 and under.

At first this seemed like a grand idea~
but wait there is a catch...
Handmade products like mommy's
will have to undergo rigorous testing
to "proove" they are either lead free or
meet the minimum requirements.
Not only will this hurt mommy and Jen's
new business, but countless others like
our friends at Me and My Peeps Books,
Kandle Kidswear, and all the sellers of
children's products on the beloved site Etsy...

Mommy wanted to pass on
this link from Bloesom Kids.
We are both urging you to write your
congress person today regarding this act.
Please help us save handmade!
Merci Beaucoup!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Picture Rejects...

So serioius...

So silly...

Fish lips...
and cute face!!!

Mommy attempted to take my
picture for my birthday party invitations...
She even color coordinated my outfit with
the invites! I was not in the mood to
take pictures~ I wanted to
eat my animal cracker snack!
She did end up getting a few decent pics
that she is going to use,
but nothing to scream about.
Oh, well! Better luck next time mommy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Kicking It With My Favorite Book...

J'adore my book made just for moi...
Check out Me and My Peeps Books
to be the star of your very own book!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumber Party Sunday...

In Eliza's old jam's...
Giving pup a squeeze...
(he wanted to be apart of the slumber party, too!)

Getting a kiss from my pal, Eliza...

Silly girls...

My pal Eliza and her mommy Jen
came to hang with me and my mommy
since our daddy's were together in Las Vegas!
We had so much fun playing this weekend...
We shopped, ate, played, and slumbered (a little).
Can't wait to do it again!

p.s. Eliza is a fab friend ~ kind of like a big sis...
She is so funny and she makes me giggle!
I love you Eliza!