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Ma maman et j'espère que vous adorez notre blog !

Friday, January 29, 2010


For moi...
For mommy!

Wishing y'all a
Supercalifragilistic weekend...
I am off to Houston tomorrow with
mommy to celebrate my pal
Eliza's 5th birthday!

*Can YOU guess what
the theme of her party is???

Paisley Grace

p.s. I get to watch
this movie on my pink
dvd player as we road trip
to Houston! I can't wait!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: Mommies Need Breaks, Too...

Paisley Pie~2.75 years old
Dressed herself for a trip to Target...
(just ADORE the cat ears I found for her at H&M with Bff in NYC!)
Maggie Moo~5.75 months old
Sweetest baby on the planet...
(Well, at least that's what our family thinks!)

So, these are my girls.
My precious.
Oh, how I ADORE them.
Even the way they smell...
Is that weird?
Just made it through 6 days
and nights without daddy.
He had work and some play
to do which he totally DESERVED.
We missed him.
How do single parents do it?
How do people parent with
one spouse away for long
periods of time?
I am AMAZED at their
staying power.
I could learn some
lessons from them,
I am sure of it.
So, after coming off of
a crazy week parenting
solo, I felt the need to
have a break.
A massage.
A pedicure.
A moment of
It felt soooooo good.
Selfish, maybe...
but for me to continue
to strive to be the
mommy I desire,
I NEED breaks, too.
I work really hard to
keep myself balanced
because when I don't~
CRAZY mommy emerges
and she is NOT pretty!
a break...
EVEN from
the yummiest
of peeps like
Paisley Pig and
Maggie Pie.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Wish We Were Here...

At our beloved beach house
June 2009

*Uniqua, Mommy, Daddy, myself and Maggs
all wish we were there soaking in
the sun, surf, and sand...

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Sister's Helper...

It's already begun~
I have officially become
my little sister's helper.
This actually started quite
some time ago, but mommy finally
captured it with a photo!
I adore my little sis, and I
love showing her how to do things
like work the toys on her excersaucer.
I am also a pro at making her laugh...
I made up a rhyme that goes like this:
"A Maggie taggie waggie saggie..."
I say this to her when she is feeling blue,
or just to get a little giggle out of her!
I keep telling mommy:
"Someday, when I am older & I'm a mommy,
I will take care of Maggie for you!"
Mommy LOVES this idea, and is
amazed that this concept has already
been planted inside my almost 3 year old heart.
She feels like her big sis, Aunt Jen Jen,
has ALWAYS taken care of her and it
warms her heart to know I am
continuing this sisterly tradition!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Stella...

What can I say...
I am becoming a
clothes horse like my mom!
This Christmas my Aunt Gg
and my Ya Ya both gifted me
with my very first Stella McCartney
threads~ She designed an amazing
line for Gap Kids and I was lucky
enough to receive a few pieces.
Gg gave me this gorgeous plum gray
trench coat and Ya gave me lovely
days of the week panties.

J'adore Stella!

Today I am wearing the purple Thursday
panties, with lace and flowers...
Not only are they beautiful, they are
soft, functional AND educational!
What a fab way to learn the days of the week!
What kind of panties are
YOU wearing today?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catching Up With Miss M...

My little sis is know 5 1/2 months old...
She's had a LOT of firsts lately...
So, in order to catch up with Miss M...
We thought we'd use a top ten!

1. First plane ride
December 2009
2. First time sleeping
through the night without waking
for a night feeding
January 2010
3. First cough/cold
December2009/January 2010
4. First sleepover at a home
other than ours
December 2009
5. First Christmas and New Year's
6. First food- rice cereal
January 2010
7. First baby cracker
Mum Mum's
January 2010
8. First medicine
Baby Zantac for acid reflux
December 2009
9. First birthday party
daddy's 35th dinner at Olivia
January 2010
10. First visit to California
and the beach
December 2009/January 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommy's Feelings On A Friday Morn...

My mommy with my magpie...
All of us together in my
mom and dad's new kitchen...

The past few days I have been feeling
a little off. It's that feeling deep down
that you know something is making you
a little sad but you don't have the time
or the energy to deal with it. It's been
creeping around my heart and I can't get
rid of it. Yesterday I became REALLY aware
of it. I thought it was exhaustion due to Miss
M not sleeping well the past month
(thanks to a cold, cough, reflux, and transitions)
but alas, I know it is MORE than that.
Yes, I am tired. Yes, I am overwhelmed with
juggling life as a mommy of 2, a wife,
daughter, sister, and friend. As well as trying
to find time to work on my business with my pal Jen.
Yup, feeling OVERWHELMED.
But, that is NOT what is nagging at me.
I finally allowed myself a moment to figure it out.

I miss my mommy.
I miss my sister.
I miss my grandma.
I miss my aunt.

I miss my bff.

I miss my friends
my lovely gals here in Austin...

December was so full of
interactions, events, parties, and
outings celebrating the holidays.
Even introverted me enjoyed every minute
of the social gatherings. I started off the month
with my bff and cousin in NYC and ended the month with a
weekend getaway to Seattle with my sis.
I stayed 2 weeks with my parents in their gorgeous new home.
They created time, and space for our entire family.
And they gave us all so much LOVE.
I was showered with it everyday.
NO wonder I am feeling a little blue.
I LOVE being home, in my own
space, sleeping in my own bed,
and being in the city I adore.
But I just miss my peeps.
They are all so special to me...

Here's to hoping and praying the
rest of January will be filled with
health for my girls and a few
social outings for me!
(guess it will have to happen after hubby
gets back from his 5
day adventure in Colorado!)
Thank goodness February is around
the corner and I we will receive a visit
from my mom and
grandma for Paisley's 3rd birthday!
Yeah, I can't wait...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Photo Contest...

The Photo...

So, our pal Dore
is having a photo contest
for her top ten photos of 2009.
Mommy and Magpie made the cut!
Seems kind of silly to advertise this
information, but if you are a loyal
blog reader, you know how much
our family ADORES Dore and her
amazing work. So check out her
blog, the other photos in the contest...


p.s. Thanks again Dore for taking
such breathtaking photos of our family.
We just put up some of our latest photos from
our holiday session around the house.
We are so blessed to have the essence of
our family captured by YOU!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When You Are Born And Bred In Texas...

This is how YOU eat a rib!

I just had to show off for

my cousin Michael from NYC
and his two friends...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Packing And Unpacking...

Mommy loved this picture the instant she saw it!
Too bad she doesn't put on a fancy dress and
heels to do housework. Maybe I should suggest it!

This is our life right now...
Packing up Christmas decorations and unpacking
suitcases and the 2 large boxes we shipped from
California containing all our presents.
Will it ever end???

Wishing y'all a
clutter free weekend!

Paisley Grace

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Again...

I am back in TEXAS!
We have had an amazing
vacation with family and friends.
I cannot begin to express how much
this time has meant to me and my sis...
OH, how we LOVE and ADORE our family!
We want to say thank you for all
the shared time, experiences and memories.

And I am pleased to report that the
Abdine girls did IT...
YES, we traveled just the 3 of us!
Wow! What a long day.
But, we survived thanks to
dvds, my new leapster,
fruity mentos, doritos snack mix,
apple juice, and mommy's motto:
"If I stay calm, we ALL stay calm!"

Although I must report a breakdown
did occur. By Maggie, not MOI...
We were loading up in Aunt Drea's
car, and she just let loose. She didn't
stop until we were home. Poor thing.
She was so hungry and so tired.
Thank goodness she saved it for after
the flight! Once we were home I stripped
down to my princess panties and got
into my new Ariel costume.
Not much time went by and a
costume change took place.
I transformed into Sleeping Beauty.
Mommy got to be the prince and kiss me!
(she was pretty excited about this,she's usually the witch!)
Now I am back to being Ariel
in my new Ariel nightgown
and I am off to sleep in my own bed.
Isn't that the BEST part of coming home?
Bon Nuit...