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Thursday, January 31, 2008

19 days until the 19th of February!

My first trip to Hawaii
July 2007
5 months old...

I loved feeling the sand with my feet
" Chillaxing" on the beach with daddy
I love the water!
Lounging in the cabana with mommy
Modeling my sun hat by BabyGap

What's so special about the 19th you ask? Why, it's my 1st birthday. I am already gearing up! Yesterday mommy and I picked up some fun stuff for my cupcake party here in Austin- I can't wait to see all my friends chow down on their cupcakes with me...what a sight that will be! I've also started receiving some presents. I got a kitchen set from my Ya, Papa Terry, Nanie and Papa Neal. Mommy and daddy swear they heard me say "Ya-ya" yesterday when we went to call and thank her for my gift. I am quite vocal these days...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two groups of ten days left...

At Papa and Nanie's Beach House in San Clemente, Ca
with my cousins Kate and Neal

Trying to look so tough!

Showing off my hairclip...mommy is now obsessed!

With Papa Terry

With Grandpa Marsh aka Jeddi

Until I am one!

These pictures were taken in California
on and around my first 4th of July...

Almost 5 months old.

Day 21 pictures of me!

Mommy and me before our flight to Kansas City

for Cousin Jackson's 1st birthday

4 generations together...Daddy, Grandma Judy,

Great Grandma Jean and me Grandma Judy and Me...

she came all the way from South Africa to meet me!

Aunt Summer came all the way from NYC to meet me!

These pictures were taken in my 4th month-

May 2007

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yahoo for day 22!

Me at 3 months old~

May 2007

Lounging on Ya and Papa's couch...

do you like the pillow? I sure do!

Holding hands with my pal Ava...

Aren't we sweet? You should see us playing together now!

Sitting pretty with Aunt Jen in California

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mark day 23 off your calendar!

Looking so serious...
Not so serious!

These pictures were taken of me at 2 months old. I use to be so happy laying on that changing table...boy, not anymore! Mommy can't get me off of it fast enough these days. She has even resorted to changing diapers with me standing up. Do you blame me for expressing my discontent with the situation? Would you like someone plopping you down on a table you can't escape from to wipe your bottom???

Saturday, January 26, 2008

24 days and counting!

Daddy and I~ 6 weeks old

Mommy chose this picture of daddy and I...she thinks it is sweet and so do I! Daddy wishes I would still take naps with him but I am too wiggly! Plus, I like sleeping in my own bed.

Friday, January 25, 2008

25 days to go!

Me at 2 weeks old!

In this picture I was 2 weeks old. Mommy and daddy gave me a bath, dressed me up, and made me pose with my pig stuffed animal. Oh, brother they were even more pathetic back then! But, I do look pretty cute, don't I???

Thursday, January 24, 2008

26 days until I am one!

Late January 2007
Betsy (Vaughn's mommy), my mommy, and Meghan (Ava's mommy)

Here is a picture of mommy and two of her teacher friends one year ago at her book shower at WPS. My pal Ava is in Meghan's belly (right). Ava...aren't our mommies cute preggo with us??? I promise I will start posting pictures of me...tomorrow!

Countdown time...

Early February 2007
Mommy, daddy, and Moby

Until my first birthday! Can you believe I am almost one? Mommy and daddy can't believe it either! Everyday up to my birthday on February 19th I will be posting some of my favorite pictures from over the past year. I am going to start today with a picture of mommy, daddy, and Moby at about this time last year. A lot has changed in our family in one year...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have a new pup and...

I am walking with the help of my walker! I am practicing my technique and before you know it I will be off on my own! Did I mention I have a new pup? His name is Otto and he is a Chug. That is a pug and chihuahua mix. Mommy found him through the Pug Rescue in Austin. We are all pleased with our new family member and we look forward to introducing him to all our family and friends. Here is video of me with my walker and a quick snapshot of Otto. I will post more pics of Otto soon!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Video of my 1st haircut

Alas, my mom has figured out how to add video to piggy press. So, please enjoy my first haircut. It was edited by daddy for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mommy and me...

Right after my 1st haircut!

Mommy's hugs always make things better, don't they??? P.S. Mommy says she knows she looks exhausted...that's what you look like after you take care of a crazy girl like me on your own for over 2 weeks! Yikes! Poor mommy! She is ready for a spa day!

My First Haircut!

Barbara was smiling, but I was NOT!
Is it over yet?
I am trying to be brave...
The sideview of my new do!
Almost done...look at the hair on my lip!!!

On the afternoon a day before my 11 month birthday, mommy got it in her head that I needed a haircut. I told her I would be better about leaving my hairclips and ponytails in...but, she didn't listen to me! So, after lunch with our friends Dore and Baby Adalyn we were off to the salon. I am still recovering from the experience, but I must say my new do is tres chic! Suri Cruise, watch out!

I like to eat, eat, eat...

Look at me...Cheerios are for wearing, too!
Want some???
Ha, ha, it's so fun to eat and drink!
All done...

Look at me...I am sitting pretty, eating my cheerios! I think eating is my favorite thing to do besides cruising around the house. Mom thought it would be cute to share some pics of me doing just, enjoy! Oh, and I would like to add that eating topless is quite thrilling! Y'all should try it some time!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Uncle Armani...

Hanging with Uncle Armani...

Is anybody watching this?
Hey there...

Let's play peek-a-b00!
Is a cat! My mom actually adopted him after she came home from college in the fall of 1998. He has been sleeping in my ya and papa's garage ever since! My papa loves this cat. It's his baby...he sleeps on his lap every night! I must admit, I love him, too! I have so much fun petting him, pulling on his tail, and touching his whiskers. Thanks Armani for allowing me to do this. I have heard you can be quite ornery! Mommy thinks I make such funny noises when I am around my Uncle Armani but really I am just speaking cat! Hey mom, do you think we could adopt a cat when we get back to Austin???

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daddy, I miss you...

Daddy and I snuggling after we hit the sand on San Clemente Beach...
On Christmas Eve at Jeddi's and Oma's opening presents...
At an eclectic animal museum in Oak Glen, CA (do you spot a bear behind us?)

It's only been 2 days and I am so homesick for my daddy! He is in South Africa visiting my Grandma Judy. They are going to have such an amazing time together and I am thrilled my daddy could have this once in a lifetime experience BUT I miss him so!!! Daddy, I love you and stay safe! P.S. Come back soon!

My New Year Resolutions...

Happy New Year!
So excited for 2008!
Waving bye-bye!

Really, they are my goals for 2008. Mommy thinks goals are better to have (such a teacher)...and never more than 3 at a time if I plan on sticking to them! Okay, so here goes- my first ever new years goals:

1. To walk more than 1, 2, or 3 steps at a time. Everyone out here in California thinks I am waiting for daddy to see me when he gets back from Africa in 2 weeks! We'll see!!!

2. To learn a foreign language. I am bored with English and ASL!

3. To travel to a far off, exoctic location. Mommy says Maui will have to do...and maybe New York!

2008 is going to be a big year for me and my family. We have HUGE my 1st birthday on February 19th, Uncle Derek's wedding in May, Aunt Andrea's Maui wedding in August, and a new member will be joining our family...
not a baby, just a pup!