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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Kate And Neal Christmas...

Playing Nanie's piano with Kate and Neal...
Kate is showing me how to do it...

I love my new train set...
Taking a little break from playing with my new toys...
Neal is showing me how to do it...
My holiday adventures are far from over...
I still have one more week in sunny California!
I have been a busy little pig~
We have had 3 Christmas celebrations,
I have spent time with all of my grandparents,
and I have played with aunts, uncles and cousins.
(I love playing with Kate and Neal. They teach me so many things!
Like how to play the piano and work my new train set...)
I even made it to the world famous San Diego Zoo!
Pictures to come soon, of course.
Well, I am pooped from all this fun.
I am off to take a little nap and I
promise I will blog again soon.
I will try not to let a whole week pass
without a little post!

p.s. Don't you adore my new scarf?
Aunt Drea knitted me 2 scarves for Christmas!
Merci Beaucoup, Drea!

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Shirts" NOT Dresses...

Chowing on my favorite 
Offering pup a little nosh...
Ahh, mommy caught me in the act...
Now, I think I'll cop a squat in my "rock baby"
and finish my cracker sans pup!

I am a girl- Yes, it is true~
But that doesn't mean 
I like to wear dresses...
I am quite clear with  
both my parents what I do 
and do not like to wear.
I typically request pants, 
a shirt, and my tweet or jewel shoes.
No dresses allowed on this toddler's bod!
Mommy thinks she is so clever
telling me dresses are "shirts."
We shall see how long she can 
get away with this one!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big Girl In The Baby Bassinet...

Trying to get comfy...
All settled and ready to "feed" my friends!
Have a little milk mermaid...
Back out and giving mommy quite the "look"...
Back to "feeding" my friends...
Elmo's turn!
Ahh, the perfect spot!
Night, night!

Last night while getting ready for 
bed, I decided I wanted to 
climb in my baby bassinet with
all my "friends!"  Mommy and 
daddy thought this was hilarious...
Especially when I started sharing 
my "bobbie" with mermaid and Elmo! 
I love snuggling up in my baby bed.  
Sometimes I read stories in there, and
sometimes I just like to climb in and out!  

Oh what fun is it to be a 22 month old...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tea Parties Are For Pups Too...

Pup, would you like some tea?
I set a special place for you at my tea party...
How about a little dab of ketchup in that tea?
Come on pup, tea parties are fun...
Please have some tea.
I made it just for you...
No yawning pup!
Yawns are not allowed at this tea party!

Alice had a tea party with the
Mad Hatter, The March Hare and The Dormouse.
I have tea parties with my "friends"
(like Sophie, and my one eared kitty, etc.)
and with pup. He was the honored guest today.
We set a lovely table using only the finest china~
Pup is very picky about what he licks his tea out of!

I love playing tea party soooooo much!
I am a little obsessed with it right now...
I go around the house exclaiming:
"Everybody tea, yah!"
Mommy is still thinking about hosting
a tea party for me and my pals.
Hmmm, maybe I should have a
tea party for my birthday???
I will have to give that some thought!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hold You...

Holding pup and...
Cooking in the kitchen at the same time...
(just like mommy!)
When I want mommy to pick me up
and hold me close I say:
"Mommy hold you."
I got this saying from listening
to her asking me:
"Do you want mommy to hold you?"
Today I picked up my walk pup and
I said "Pup hold you" and
I picked him up and held him close
just like mommy does with me!

p.s. Do you like how I added
baby legs to my outfit today???
I dressed myself if you didn't already guess!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our ABC Christmas Tree...

Our ABC Chritmas Tree...
Mommy was trying to get me to
put on a "cute" face...
But, I modeled my infamous hippo mouth instead...
Getting up close and personal with the letter "T"...
Ready to be done with all these pictures...
Just one more with mommy!

Mommy came up with a creative and educational
way to decorate our 1st Christmas tree...
With cut out ABC's! We think
this displays mommy's vision of
country cottage chic Christmas decor.
Hmm, I wonder what she will come up with next year!

p.s. How sad~ we don't have any of mommy
or daddy's childhood ornaments...
they are all back in California!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feeding Sophie...

Mommy caught me doing this
with my "pal" Sophie!
Mommy loved how I put a bib on Sophie,
and how I set her up with plates
and silverware (forks, knives, and spoons)!
Mommy could not wipe the smile off her face.
And of course she had to take
a few pictures to document this event!
This was taken in the morning after
breakfast and later that day,
after dinner, mommy and
daddy found Sophie back in my
chair having a spot of tea!
Hope you can take a little time this
weekend to slow down and have
some Christmas tea with one of your pals...
Trust moi, it's good for the soul!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: My Obsession With Holiday Cards...

A few more family pics
taken by our pal Dore...
(none of these were chosen for the cards ~
there were too many other good ones to select!)

It seems like I never learn my lesson.
At the beginning of each Christmas season
I plan to make this year more simple than
the last. I make empty promises that
I will decorate a little less, and
obsess a lot less. Hmmm,
the decorating issue was a
no brainer this year.
With Paisley in tow, I did this efficiently
and only put out decorations
that are toddler friendly.
She was really into decorating
the tree and she adores her sparkly "reindeer!"

Back to moi,
Well, I couldn't let go of my type "A"
obsessive/perfectionist behavior.
I stayed up late one night this
week after I received my picture proofs
from Dore. I couldn't decide
which pictures to choose for our
annual Abdine Family Christmas Card.
To some, this is a dreaded task.
To others, it is simple. Pick a card, sign
it, mail it and maybe throw in a
picture of the dog or the kids.
But to me, this is a project I look forward
to all year long. I absolutely love it.
I labor over finding the perfect combination
of pictures and layouts to make
the perfect card. This year
was no different than the last.
I spent way too long to mention
making my selections.
And I ended up with 5 different cards.
Yes, I said FIVE!
Guess you'll have to wait and see what
design I choose to send you!
Maybe next year I will
obsess a little less.
And if I don't, I will continue
to accept that this is
what I do at Christmas.
It is a Melissa tradition.
And as they said in one of my fave
movies, Mystic Pizza,
"You don't monkey with tradition!"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Latst Night While I Was Sleeping...

Last night while I was sleeping,
it snowed soft, white, fluffy, flakes...
Mommy and her pal Jen (Eliza's mommy),
were up late drinking tea
and enjoying each others company.
It was a girls only gathering...
Daddy felt so left out he had to
call Eliza's daddy and talk to him while
these girls were hanging out!
They were able to get daddy to put down the phone
for a brief moment to take a pic of them in the snow!
This morning there is a bit of ice left over, but no
snow. I was hoping I would get to build a little snow girl!
Oh, well! There's always next time!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Sneak Peak...

Paisley Grace Abdine
21 Months Old
December 2008

Our wonderfully talented friend,
Dorean Pope, recently tagged
along with our family of 3
to take a few holiday photos.
I was in quite a mood that afternoon~
I did NOT want my photo taken.
I could not be swayed with silly faces
or even bribed with food. I did
not want to be in a dress, tights, and fancy shoes...
I wanted to be running around,
digging in the dirt, and touching
the leaves. Mommy and daddy finally
gave up! We went home and even took a few
photos goofing around in our backyard (they were desperate!)
Mommy was hoping and praying that at least
one photo turned out. This is all we have
seen so far but we are thrilled...
We can't wait to see the rest!
Once again, thank you Dore!
We love you!

p.s. If you are in need of a photographer,
give Dore a buzz!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rock Baby...

"Rock Baby"...
Modeling my "hippo"  mouth...
Giving mommy one grande smile 
in front of our 1st Christmas tree...
I picked this tree out all by myself!
I think I did a fab job...

I got an early Christmas present this week!
Mommy found this vintage rocking chair at 
an antique mall in Central Austin.
I adore chairs, especially rocking chairs.
Every time I climb in one, 
I say "rock baby, rock baby!"
This is because mommy and daddy 
always use to say "rock the baby" when 
they would rock me in my big rocker in my room.
It's become a catch phrase with our family
and I even say it when I rock one of my "friends" 
or my Sophie doll!  
I adore the chair mommy found.
It's just the right size for moi, and it's
a fantastic shade of rustic red.  
We think it looks so country cottage chic 
next to our Christmas tree!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: Holiday Traditions...

Christmas 2007

I adore this time of year.
The chilly weather.
The decorating.
The shopping.
The eating and drinking.
The holiday gatherings.
The time with family and friends.
The giving...

This week I have been thinking
about Christmas traditions.
Traditions I want to continue and nurture as well as
new traditions I want to begin with Paisley.
(as she is now old enough to enjoy some of them!)
There are certain rituals during Christmas
that I continue to cherish.
What traditions and rituals do you hold dear
this time of year? I would love to hear...

In our home it must be Christmastime if:
1. We have made hot apple cider at least once.
2. I have obsessed over which
family photo(s) to use for our holiday card(s).
3. We have decorated the house (bedrooms and bathrooms included)
with all our little trees, special ornaments, ribbons, stockings,
and even added white lights (and sometimes ornaments)
to the Eiffel tower in the dining room.
4. We have started to anxiously await the mail
and all the wonderful holiday cards
sent to us by family and friends near and far.
5. We have put out the Carolers that my grandmother
has so lovingly given to me over the years.
6. We have hung the holiday wreath on the front door.
7. I have decided what color combination
I am using for my holiday wrapping.
8. We have planned our annual holiday trip to California.
9. I have cried at least once to my favorite Christmas song-
It got me this year while driving with my grandma in California.
I began to think of my grandpa and how I would love to wish
him a Merry Little Christmas just one more time.
10. I have attempted to plan a holiday date night with Alan
(We typically plan dates for each other instead of giving gifts.
Last year he took me to see Michael Buble. )

11. I have made Rachel Ray's 5 minute fudge for a holiday party.
12. We have decided who we are going to help this Christmas.
13. I have played my Christmas Cd's over and over.
14. I have started drinking my morning coffee out of
my special Christmas mugs my sister
surprised me with a few years ago.
15. We have walked the Trail of Lights.
16. We have read and re-read all our favorite holiday stories
every night before Paisley goes to sleep or any other
time of day because P is obsessed with books.
This is her current holiday fave. She is
so curious about this animals antlers and jingle bells!
17. I have shopped, created, and wrapped
each package with loving care...
(I love doing thematic gifts, working with holiday paper
goods, etc. I could blog on this alone)

18. When Paisley and I have new
Christmas pajamas to sport on Christmas morn.
19. We have watched It's A Wonderful Life with the fam and
I have watched Love Actually. I love that movie!
20. We have gone to see The Nutcracker or
at least listened to the music and danced
around the family room to it a dozen times.
21. We have driven around Redlands
looking at all the decked out homes.
I love the old Craftsman and Victorian homes!
22. I have done last minute
shopping at JD Myers in Redlands
(I adore Jane and she has amazing taste.
Plus, I worked there during college!)

23. We have eaten our families traditional
chicken enchilada dinner at my sister's house on Christmas Eve
and my mom's special Christmas rolls on Christmas morning.
24. We are filled with peace, joy, love, laughter and
because of this we try really hard to manage our stress...
(Which typically arises when we travel all over Southern California).
25. We think about Christmas and what it really means to us.

This year we are going to begin
these new traditions as our family of 3
counts down to Christmas:

1. Blessing Box-we will write and put written blessings
in a vintage boxand discuss with each other
on Sunday nights for the month
of December and re-read them on Christmas Eve morning.
(thanks Chauch, I love this idea!)
2. Homemade ornaments/holiday art~
anyone have a fun craft they want to share with us???
3. Holiday Cookie Baking~
any fantastic recipes you would like to share with us???
4. Pick out and decorate a
Christmas Tree as a family for the very first time!
5. We are staying in Austin until Dec. 24th so our little family
of 3 can create Christmas memories in our own home!

What are your favorite traditions?
We would love to hear what you do~
You may just give us a wonderful idea that
we would like to incorporate into our growing list!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paisley and Mommy's Tip For Tuesday...

Our Tip for Tuesday...

Mes Amis,
Mommy and I both suffer 
from dry, delicate skin.
Mommy has searched far and
wide for products that are 
all natural for my baby skin.
One of our faves is Burt's Bees Baby Oil.
Try a dab in your bubble bath or a little
on  your chapped skin.  We find it has a 
subtle yet delicious apricot scent and it is
safe and effective for both  mommy and baby!
We think your tired winter skin will perk up
once you have tried this product. 
 Our skin is thanking us...

Paisley and Her Mommy

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Mommy Said They'll Be Days Like This...

Today was a very long day.
Good news is...
I am home!

We got off to a rocky start 
with a 2 hour drive in So Cal 
traffic to the Long Beach Airport.
 We arrived hoping we had enough 
time to make our flight but soon 
found out our flight was delayed 4 hours!
Mommy and daddy stayed cool, calm, and collected.
They thought about our options, they made phone calls,
and they discussed amongst themselves...
Mommy came up with the winning plan~
Stay in the LBC, find a Starbucks to give us all
a little fuel (I am obsessed with the warm apple cider and coffee cake),
and then head to the Aquarium of the Pacific.  
We even called Aunt Jen to see if she could join us 
(once upon a time she worked there) but she pulled a few strings 
and got us in free!  Thanks Aunt Jen!  
While driving there, I fell asleep. 
 Mommy wanted me to get in a little nap 
and allow daddy time to make a few work phone calls... 
So, she sat in the car with me while I snoozed!
We then found out our flight was delayed another 45 minutes!
Oh, well!  What can you do but make the best out of a crummy
situation?  After an hour nap, mommy and daddy
and I headed for the aquarium.  It truly brightened our day!
I saw sea otters, seals, sea lions, rays, jelly fish, an array 
of sharks, and sea life.  I even enjoyed their Lorikeet Forest.
After spending time there we headed back to the airport, got on
our flight and headed home.  When we landed at the airport 
daddy had to scramble to catch a flight to 
Dallas for work (poor daddy)
and mommy and I scurried into a cab. 
(The first cab we tried to get in wouldn't take us because
 we were waiting for daddy to bring us our bags!)

my mommy said they'll be days like this!
We just wanted to get home...
and we did.  Now we are off
to have bubble baths and bed.
Wishing y'all sweet dreams!