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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Lime+Light...

Eliza in the 'Lime+Light!'

Big news this week in the
land of Oh Fiddlesticks...

Mommy and Jen are
launching an Etsy store!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Black Eyed Peas Boogie...

Had a little bit of fun today getting down
to some Black Eyed Peas. I think mommy
was trying to shake Miss M right out! Mommy
is quite embarrassed about her dance moves
so you can just focus on moi! Watch me go...

Animal Art...

Here's my cow...

and my chicken...
and my very hungry caterpillar...

J'adore art!

Mommy and I have been setting
aside a little time every day to make
someone a card or do a little art project.
Mommy knows we won't be able to do
these crafty projects as much once Miss M
arrives~So, we are on overload right now!
This week we have made animal art...
A cow, chicken and a caterpillar.
Hey, the all start with the letter C.
What's up with that?
I think it's just a coincidence!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Favorite Things At 2 Years 5 Months Old...

With 3 of my favorite peeps...
Kate, Neal and Uniqua!
(In one of my fave places~ Hawaii)

Last night as mommy and I
snuggled in bed she asked
me about some of my favorite
things. This is what I had to say:

My Favorites Today:
Song~ Trot Old Joe
Sweet Treat~ cupcakes
Movie/Show~ Cars
Toy~ Uniqua from The Backyardigans
Drink~ Bubbly water with vanilla in it
Snack~Dried Mango (I esp. love Trader Joe's)
Food~ Eggs and black bean burgers
Animal~ Some fish
Art Activity~Painting
Play time Activity~ Trains
Place To Play~ The Sprinkler Park
Place To Visit Via Airplane~ Ya and Papa's house
Book~ Good Boy, Fergus by David Shannon
Outfit~ Nemo clothes (anything orange and white striped)
Friends~ All my friends (mommy thought this was so sweet!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Boys Can Have Wands, Too...

Z is for Zach...
A red crab to follow the crab
themed birthday party!

Mommy has started making
birthday wands for boys...
(Who says a boy can't enjoy playing with a wand, too?)
Yesterday she made her 3rd boy wand
for my pal Zach. We think it's got the
perfect summer look. Makes me want to
go to Nantucket and have a New England beach day.
A girl can play pretend, can't she???

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday's Silly Shots...

Ready for the party...
Big smiles for mommy...

And a squeeze for Uniqua...

Today was Saturday.
I woke up and mommy
came in my room to get me.
I told her I wanted to go
watch Cars (my latest obsession)
and have some 'banilla' milk. Before we could
head downstairs, I had to make sure
all my 'friends' that were in my bed
with me were in their basket so mommy
could carry them down with us. We do
this every morning! After watching a little
Cars with mommy and daddy, daddy and I went
to Starbucks to get an egg burger (a sausage and egg sandwich)
and a coffee. When we got home, we got ready to go to my pal
Zach's birthday party. I was so excited because I
knew I would get to swim in the pool! Mommy
dressed me in a new dress Ya Ya sent me~ I was ready
to go party. Before we left mommy asked if she could take
my picture. It didn't take me long to respond with a YES!
I love seeing myself in the camera after mommy has taken
my picture. (Merci Aunt Summer for starting this!)
That is why there are so many silly shots!
Hope you've had a silly Saturday too!

p.s. Mommy is trying to document everyday
little things that we do together. She knows
it's going to be different once Miss M is here!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Cup+Cake...

My pal Eliza modeling mommy and Jen's
latest creation~ Cup+Cake...
Oh Fiddlesticks is BACK!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wish We Were Here...

Ready to hit the beach...
With our beloved Nanie girl...
(Happy early birthday!)
and our Ya-Ya girl...

And our Jen Jen girl...

Just Moi...
Frolicking with Kate and Neal...
Having a heart to heart in the warm Pacific...
Ahh, such bliss!

With all of you...

Missing our family,
Hawaii, the ocean, trade winds,
fresh pineapple, cooler temperatures
(anything is better than 109),
and time to frolic without a care...

Wishing y'all a Happy Friday!
Mommy and I hope you find
some time this weekend to frolic
with the ones you love!!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Ma Petite Chaise Rouge...

Posing with pink elephant
in my 'rock baby' chair...

*I think these are the last 2 year pics
mommy will post for awhile! We are
having a family/preggo session with
Dore tomorrow! Mommy can't wait~
I think if I was given a choice, I would pass.
I'm not really into photo sessions!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mommy and Paisley's Tip For Tuesday: Check Out Lolliblog...

Mommy is in love...
with this blog!

Thanks Callie's mommy
for introducing my mommy
to a new obsession because
she really needed another one!
Mommy says this a fantastic blog
for those who love looking at pretty
things, want DIY ideas for parties,
or for a little whimsical inspiration.
Mommy loved the storyboard above~
Wouldn't it be yummy to have a
soiree where you ate pink cake
with jellybeans, drank pink lemonade
while sitting on vintage blankets under
twinkle lights and pink paper lanterns
all the while dressed in a pink tulle gown and
feather head piece? Okay, maybe it's not
for moi, but mommy sure thought it looked
and sounded perfect! She can dream, can't she???

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rainbow Bright...

Rainbow smiles...

With Thomas and Rosie...

and Mommy!

A few weekends ago daddy and Grandma Dewey
took me to the local farmer's market. We picked
out some fresh, local, and organic fruit...yummy!
Daddy also treated me to my first real face painting
experience. I loved it! Although after about an hour
sporting my rainbow, it began to itch my cheek.
I started scratching at it because it bothered me so much.
Mommy asked if she could take it off and I said YES!
Once removed I had a lovely red mark where my
rainbow use to be. Hmm, mommy pondered.
What made my cheek so red? Was it the paint
used for the rainbow or all the scratching I did?
Mommy then remembered her friend had blogged
about her daughter having the same experience
earlier this year and concluding the paint was toxic.
Yes, it's true...face paint made for kids like moi,
can contain lead. I feel lucky I didn't have
a worse reaction. Mommy says we will make our
own face paint from now on. Maybe you should too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lollipop Love...

For my 2 year photo shoot mommy packed the essentials...
a few stuffed friends and a rainbow lollipop.
It was love at first lick!
Costume change~ but not a prop change...
So relaxing...
(mommy adores the lollipop stain on my cheek!)
Sharing with kitty...
One last lick just for moi!
*all photos were taken
near Little Stacy Park by
our talented pal, Dore

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Brown Paper Package Tied Up With String...

Mommy's flowers given to
her by Aunt Drea and Uncle Evans...

This week we celebrated mommy's
birthday! I expected cupcakes
but was a tad disappointed when
the day came and went and I did not
get to have any sweet treats to celebrate.
What's that all about? We all know mommy
is NOT on a diet! Oh, well...

She did receive lots of love as well as some flowers.
Mommy loves arranging flowers and taking
apart bouquets to make multiple little bouquets
to display around the house. She got the idea
to use a little brown paper from a package and a bit
of twine to wrap around a vase and arrange these ivory
roses from a blog she reads written by a college friend
from Seattle. J'adore brown paper packages tied up with string!
Don't you???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mommy's Thought for Thursday: Calling All Mommies Of 2...

Dear Friends,
It's only 6 weeks until
Miss M's due date...
I cannot stop thinking about
all the changes that will take
place in Paisley's life.
(way more than more own!)

For those of you who have 2 (or more)
children, or who are about to have 2 or
more children I need your help! Please!

I do not want to read any books
or research information on the internet
when I know the best resource out there
for me, are my mommy friends and
their own stories and experiences...

So, this is what I want to know
from your own personal experience:

1. How did you introduce the new baby
to your oldest child?

2. Did you exchange any big sister/brother ~
little sister/brother presents?

3. Did you do anything special for
the older sibling when you came home
from the hospital/birthing center that
was helpful with the transition of having
the new baby in the house?

4. What was the biggest help to you in those
first few crazy weeks/months???

5. Any other tips or suggestions for staying sane
or helping with the transition????

Please comment here on the blog...
or if you feel more comfortable emailing
me your tips, I would love to hear from YOU!

(Paisley and Miss M's momma)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Marlin The Sea Turtle...

In love with the sea life at our hotel...
Everyday and night I had to visit Mr. Ray,
The 'boops', Marlin the Sea Turtle and the dolphins.
Blissful Hawaiian moments
that I will treasure!