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Ma maman et j'espère que vous adorez notre blog !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cupcakes For Papa Neal...

Our adventure began with a walk to the
Hey Cupcake trailer on South Congress...

Mommy wanted to celebrate Papa Neal's birthday
(He would have been 85 on Friday) with a special treat.
We pondered for a brief moment and
decided on our favorite...CUPCAKES!!!

I had a snowcap and mommy had a vanilla dream...

My pal Honor joined us...

and so did my pal Mills!

I couldn't wait to start licking my pink frosting...

Pure bliss!

The big boys enjoyed their cupcakes and some
serious 4 year old conversation!

After we ate our cupcakes, Honor and I enjoyed
playing in the rocks and dirty water...
We had a nice combo of frosting,
dirt and dirty water all over us!

Mills and His mommy snuggled and listened to
the musician playing his guitar~
A perfect way to celebrate Papa Neal's life!
We know he would have gotten a kick out of
seeing us kiddos enjoy our treats!
We love and miss you Papa Neal...

p.s. Thank you Kellsey, Aidan, Honor,
Anna, Webb and Mills for celebrating
with us. We love you all!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Growth Spurt...

Mommy had a little growth spurt last week...

I'm a little bored of this whole thing but...

Her tummy is pretty cute and I love kissing
my baby sister~ She sleeps a lot in there!

Mommy is 2o weeks preggo
with Miss 'M'

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tummy Love...

Mommy, Baby M, and Me

January 2009

Mommy was only 12 weeks preggo.
Just you wait to see her latest
tummy pic at 20 weeks we
will post later this week...
Whoa! Has she had a growth spurt!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

M Is For Mommy...

One afternoon back in January, my babysitter Nancy
and I were coloring with my markers (I
LOVE this!)
and I started drawing a letter. I pointed at it and
said "
M Mommy!" Daddy heard me, and came over
to the table where I was drawing to see what I was
doing. He was so excited he had to take a picture
to show mommy when she got home
(from yoga, or a massage, or something like that...)
Of course mommy was not surprised, she had
already seen me do it! I still enjoy drawing 'm's'
and I am really into drawing circles!
What do you like to draw???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mommy and Paisley's Tip For Tuesday: Picnik Your Pictures...

My thank you notes mommy created for moi!

Thanks to our pal Jen (Eliza's mommy)
for sharing this fun website with us~
Mommy and I were able to create unique
thank you notes on a budget...
Daddy estimated that they cost
us between $.15-.20 per card! What a deal!
The website is easy to use and has so many
cool features to jazz up your personal photos.
We loved how these turned out and thought
y'all might want to try out this site too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday: I Am Going To Be A...

Dum ta da dum...

I am going to be a big sister!!!

Can you believe it?

And she is coming this summer...
(expected arrival date: 08.12.09)
Big Sister Paisley!!!

p.s. Her initials are:
M.T.A. like mommy!

If you are one of the
privileged few that were told her
name before we knew mommy was preggo~
Shhhhh....don't tell! Mommy and daddy want
to keep their other family and friends guessing!
If someone guesses her name, they might
just reveal it before her arrival!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mommy and Paisley Are Going On A 'Blogcation'...

Mommy and I are going on a 'blogcation'!
I am packing Sophie...
My fave red lipstick...
(a girl can't be caught on holiday with bare lips!)

Some big, colorful, shades...
A few jewels to accessorize with...
and a feather crown to top it all off!

p.s. We'll be back soon!
Au Revoir...

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Visit From Nanie, Ya, and Papa...

My big girl pose...
(a little serious, don't you think?)

Loving Sophie always brings
a smile to my face...

Reading Monkey and Me with Papa Terry...

A snuggle shot with Ya and Papa...
Getting a 'squeeeezzzze'
from my Nanie!

Nanie, Ya and Papa
came to visit and
to help me celebrate
turning 2! We had
so much fun having them
back in Austin. I was
able to take them
on my favorite
Austin adventure~
The Zilker Zephyr,
they experienced
my birthday party,
(glad they all survived that!)
and so much more!
I can't wait to have them
back again soon!

Merci beaucoup
for visiting me...
I love you!