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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me...

{Some of my favorite pics from
our family photo sesh with Blue Lily}

1. I have 2 other blogs and I can barely keep up with this one...{my other 2 are my Oh Fiddlesticks! blog, and a bff blog!}

2. I burnt one of my college sewing projects in my apartment fire place after I got a C on it

3. I met my bff through my hubby

4. I am originally from a little town {Redlands} in So Cal

5. I cannot stand tuna salad, olives, dill, blue cheese, or black liquorice

6. I traveled solo in Europe

7. I lived in Seattle and didn't own in umbrella

8. Coffee please. With coconut milk creamer {I gave up my previous addiction to Coffee mate}

9. I love to read but never find the time to do it...I have piles of books that I want to dig into. There is something magical to me about having books around, even if I don't open them up for years.

10. The perfect day to me starts with hugs from my hubby and kids, a hot cup of joe, followed by a bikram yoga session, a play date with our best pals, a walk around the lake with our lil' fam, happy hour at a local favorite, and a movie with the hubbs at The Alamo Drafthouse

11. I have a big sis who lives in So Cal, 5 minutes from my mom and dad and grandma. She understands me like no one else. She has been my biggest advocate. She has believed in me since day ONE! Did I mention she is the sweetest person I know???

12. I don't like to wear shorts

13. I had 8 bridesmaids. Seriously.

14. My first concert was Madonna. Loved her then. Love her now.

15. I have always wanted to take a photography and art history class. Maybe someday I will get my booty to the local JC and check this off my list!

16. I have had red hair, pink streaks, and now I have feather extensions. I guess I have a little rocker in me.

17. I want to live in France. Even if it is just for a few weeks. Yes, I am a bit of a Francophile. I could live in Paris. Or the countryside. Either one would do.

18. I have way too many flip flops. I love this style from JCrew or Old Navy. They are perfect for my mommy lifestyle here in Austin.

19. I LOVE paper products and have for years. I have been collecting stationary and journals since I was a little girl. I am obsessed with Letterpress products. Oh, it just looks so pretty and feels divine.

20. I cannot stand indifference. Make up your mind. Have an opinion. It's okay to be different.

21. I am a sucker for vintage accessories. I have be scouring flea markets, antique shops/malls for years. I have a lovely little collections of jewelry,purses, and buttons.

22. I like to rearrange furniture, accessories, and little displays in my house seasonally. I like things clean, simple, organized but with a little flair here and there. Right now I am itching to change it all up. I am even considering wallpapering my girls bathroom or our entry way.

23. I can't live without deodorant {although I am still on a hunt for a really affective one}, Fresh products, Laura Mercier secret camouflage, my Estee lip gloss {thanks BFF}, Vintage Rose Wraps, my new favorite yoga pants, and my aviators {I am light sensitive}!

24. My nickname when I was growing up was Missy. I can't stand it. I cringe when I hear it. Only my immediate fam is allowed to call me that. If you want to shorten my name call me M.

25. I love to sleep. And with that, I am off to the land of nod...



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Abdine's Do Dallas...

Last month daddy took us on a weekend away to the BIG D! He had a bike race nearby and decided mommy needed a little r and r. What a fab idea it was. We got in a trip to the zoo, lots of swimming, and a break from our routine. We ALL needed this!

At our hotel...

Hello zoo...

Sissy wasn't too sure about all this at first...


Poised and ready to feed the giraffes...

Maggie wanted to EAT, too...

Look at that long neck...

Sissy and I inside an egg pretending to be birds...tweet!

Daddy took me on a camel ride. This was so cool...

Back in the stroller...

Time to go!!!

Now, we are on our way to our real vacation. Ah, can't wait to say ALOHA in just 2 days!

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