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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Greatest Show On Earth...

Daddy and I 'clowning' around before the show...
Trying cotton candy for the very first time...
One of my fave stunts...
Eyes wide open and in awe of the circus performers...
My fave animal at the circus was of course...The Elephants!
I even wore my 'elephant' outfit for the occasion!

Last Sunday daddy and I had a special date~
We went to the circus, just the two of us!
Mommy wanted to go too but she had to stay home
and take care of baby Maggie. We had so much together!
Daddy let me eat nachos, hot dogs, and cotton candy!
I got a fancy 'fire' hat, and a clown nose. I am still wearing my
clown nose around the house! I really liked the clowns, the elephants,
and the girls on the tight rope! Wow! They were spectacular...
Now I know why they call it The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 Weeks And Already Copying Big Sister...

Moi~ Paisley Grace at 3 weeks old...

Maggs~ 3 weeks old and counting...

Mommy was looking at baby pictures of me today
and noticed this one of me sitting in my baby chair.
She realized she had just taken a pic of Maggie striking
the same pose in the same chair. What fun!
Something we have in common!

We have noticed a few similar features between us sisters but
we both definitely have our own unique looks
and great hair, wouldn't you say???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2 Weeks Already...

2.5 weeks old...
Relaxing with Grandma Dewey

It's Maggs here, and I just have to
say life is good~ well, really good when I am
being held by someone I love! Overall I am
quite a happy camper but am dealing with
a little reflux and I seem to get hiccups a lot.
Ugh, I do NOT like them at all. I love my
big sister and am intrigued with my pup.
I love to eat...and am wearing my poor mum
down a bit with my food demands!
She is adjusting...well, kind of!
Last week we went to visit Dr. Jolet for my 2 week
check-up. She was hoping I would have gained
back the weight I lost in the hospital. We were
in a for a pleasant surprise~ I surpassed her
expectations and gained 1 lb. in 2 weeks! I
am definitely a Talley Abdine!
My stats at 2 weeks were: 6 lbs. 15 oz and 20 1/4 " long!
Gotta go chow down...

Big Sisters And Babies...

Maggs and Iz...
The big sisters (My pal Mia and Moi!)
and the little sisters, too...

Last week my pal Mia and her baby sister
came over to keep mommy, Maggs and I company.
I was very excited to introduce my little sister
to my friends...We had fun playing together in my
big girl room! I can't wait until we can all play together again.

p.s. Thanks Mia for my big sister present...
J'adore my tea set! Mommy and I
have already had a tea party with it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

When Maggie Was A Bump...

Our pal Dore came to visit us the other
day to take a few newborn shots of
Magpie for her baby announcements.
When she came, she brought the rest of our
photos from our bump photo session back in July.
We decided we had to post a few more of these family shots.

It's hard to believe these were taken just a few weeks
ago before we met my little sister. Our lives have changed
a lot since then! I love Maggie, but I miss having mommy
all to myself. Lately, I have been having a lot of daddy...
Thank goodness he has great ideas for what we can do
when we spend 'special' time together!

p.s. I love that Uniqua made it in to one of our pics!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm A Running Ballerina...

Profile shot...
Side view...
Whoa! Front view...
Ah, stretching before the big run...
Ready, set, run...

Today when I woke up from my nap
I decided I needed to wear my pink tutu.
Then, after hearing a convo between mom
and Dewey regarding me getting out my wiggles,
I decided I needed to wear my running shoes
my pal Caroline gave me last spring. Oh, the joys
of being 2. You can get away with a get up like this.
Mommy says when you are a lady, you must not wear
a combination of clothing like this out in public.
She says Aunt Summer would agree and will help
teach me fashion rules to live by when I am ready...
I don't really understand that yet, so I am going to
enjoy being a running ballerina while I can!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

J'adore My Baby Sister...

I love holding my baby sister...
She is so tiny...
Look at her wiggling around...
J'adore being a big sis!
I think I will get use to this...
Kisses for my little sis, Maggs...

Well, Maggs has been with us for almost 2
whole weeks and I think it is safe to say
that we are all in love with her around here!
She has the cutest little feet and hands...
I love petting her head and holding her little hands!
I even speak to her with a soft, sweet little voice
(I don't want to startle her!) Mommy and daddy
are happy to report they are surviving as well,
even with a lack of sleep the past 2 nights.
I think mommy will be reevaluating her consumption
of Guerro's or any other Tex-Mex and spicy food while
nursing Maggs. Yikes! Miss M did not like it!
Last night, M decided she wanted to be awake for a
few hours in the middle of the night so, daddy popped
in a dvd he had been wanting to watch...this is when mommy
is glad he is a bit of a night owl and insomniac!
All in all, life at the Abdine house is quieting down
with all our visitors having gone back to California.
Mom and dad are curious to see how baby and big
sister boot camp goes in the next few weeks.
We know it will take us a little while to get into the groove...

Wish us patience, restful sleep,
and the ability to keep our sense of humor!
(especially mom and dad~ they will need it!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maggie's Visitors...

Papa Terry, Kate, Neal and Pablo...
Jen Jen...
Jeddi, Oma, Me and Maggs...

What a whirlwind week it has been...
We have been blessed with visitors since the
day after Maggie's birth! My Ya-Ya and Papa Terry
flew in the night Maggie was born, followed by
my Aunt Jen Jen, Uncle E, cousins Kate and Neal,
Aunt Gg, Nanie, Jeddi and Oma. Mommy,
daddy, Maggie and I would like to say merci beaucoup
for all the love and support we have received this past week
and a half. We are so grateful to our family for all the
meals, laundry, cleaning, etc. But most importantly
for all the hugs, kisses, and play time!
We miss you all and look forward to the
next time y'all are in Austin!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Magnolia Cupcake...

Just a few pics taken by Dore
when she came to visit us in the hospital...
We are in LOVE with our yummy little cupcake!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Video is fixed!

Sorry if y'all had trouble with the video. Daddy is operating on minimal sleep! The video below should work now...


(click on video again once it starts playing to view in widescreen or HD)

Oh snap! Coming home today...

Hey everyone, Mags here. We're coming home today and we're sooo excited. Mom's in the shower and dad is transcribing again. We had a great time here at Seton Southwest. The nurses are awesome and its a really chilled out atmosphere, though the food could use some serious improvement. No problem though since mom just had dad run around town bringing her Starbucks, Sonic (limeade and tots!) and grub from Waterloo Ice House.

We'll probably leave here in about an hour and get settled back at home. With all the family coming into town today, it looks like we're gonna have a big ole house party tonight!...So I guess I'll be subjected to another endless game of baby hot-potato.

Check back later later, I think dad is gonna post some video!

ps., Big ups to all the people who came by to say hello and for all the treats!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Pics (Geez, daddy, took ya long enough...)

Ok, so my dad is a total slacker. Not only does he neglect his own blog, but now he's ignoring ours as well! I finally got him to sit down for a minute and here are the first round of pics! Some preview shots...

And the full gallery set:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello World

Hello world, my name is Magnolia True Caroline Abdine. I am 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long. I'm nursing right now so dad is manning the keyboard, but basically, everything is just peachy. It only took mom 12 minutes and I was born at 9:10pm. Crazy right? Mom is a rockstar! I can't say the same for dad though with his goofy buzzed head. Seems like he was more in the way than anything, but I guess he needed to feel useful or something. Anyway, dad is going to go get some food and mom is chomping on some ice. I'll try and get a picture or two up though it may just be me. (mom is doing the whole, "I just squeezed a baby out of me and don't want to be photographed" thing).

Baby is on the way

Yo world... Daddy here. We're currently at the hospital, rockin the epidural... and what's that? she hasta push? oh crap. gotta go...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Preggo Pics...

Preggo pics by our pal Dore...
More to come soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Modeling For Mommy...

Well, as mentioned many times
before, I am NOT into modeling for
mommy when she needs me the most.
We had a little photo session yesterday with
my pal Honor. We both were wearing Oh Fiddlesticks
Cup+Cake shirts...Honor was much more cooperative!
Mommy will have to try again later. Maybe she
should take me to Sugar Mama's or Hey Cupcake to
get me in the mood! What do you think mom???