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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hmm, What Halloween Costume Did I Choose This Year...

Am I going to go green, and recycle my
funky fairy princess costume from
last year (with a new spin, of course)...
Or, am I going to be Ladybug girl...
A Kitty Cat...
Or a dragonfly???

Cast YOUR vote on the right!

*hint: Mommy did take inspiration from one
of these photos. We will use some of my dress up
stuff from home, buy a few things, and mommy will
be making a few things, too! I can't wait to reveal my choice...
Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's Read: Good Boy Fergus...

Hmm, what should we read tonight mommy?
Oh, I know...
How 'bout Good Boy Fergus
by David Shannon~
Mack the Truck likes it, too!
This is the page that shows all
the dog treats...I always have to look
at this page and ask about each kind!
Ahh, I LOVE this book!
I am ready to read now...
Bubble gum jammies on
and my tutu~ the perfect reading gear!
See pup, that's Fergus...
He's a good boy!
My pup is more interested in sniffing than reading...
Let's begin...

I highly recommend this short
tale about a pup named Fergus.
He likes to go on walks, sniff trees,
potty on cars, eat plants, beg for pasta,
chase after cats and motorcycles, eat
his dinner with whipped cream, hide
when it's bath time, sit in the car
and feel the wind in his hair, and do
tricks for treats! I love reading about
this sweet little pup and his daily life.
If you like dogs, I think you will like Fergus!
Pick it up next time you are at the book store
or the library, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

J'aime Ballet...

At the barre...
About to enjoy my lollipop treat...
Me and my gal pals hanging with our lollipops...
Showing off our pops...
See mommy...
Look at my tongue!
What color is it???

Mommy didn't have it together enough
to take pictures of me before my first
ballet class, so all our shots came
after the class. I was a little
distracted with licking my lollipop
and not too motivated to show off
any of my new dance moves!

I LOVE ballet...and I could careless
that mommy doesn't come into the class with moi.
I have so much fun with all my gal pals
twirling, jumping, kicking, and dancing!

J'aime ballet!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Fall Favorites...

My Fall collage...
Made with pictures from the Fall
Pottery Barn Catalog, black
construction paper, and white chalk...
See my chalk drawing....
Even my foot wants a cameo!

Inspired by the first day of Fall, yesterday...
Our Family's Fall Favorites:

1. Cooler weather...
Aw~ we are rocking the
'60's in Austin today!
2. The Pumpkin Patch/Farm
3. Selecting a Halloween costume
4. The return of the Pumpkin Spice
Latte at Starbucks (mommy's choice)
5. Burning pumpkin spice candles
6. Eating candy corn and candy pumpkins
7. Taking long walks on the Lady Bird
Lake Trail so we can view our lovely
Central Texas foliage
8. Planning our Thanksgiving menu
(this year will be a good old fashioned
southern menu, daddy's choice)
9. Halloween parties/trick or treating
10. Wearing jeans, sweater, and boots
without sweating profusely
11. Longhorn Football
(once again, daddy's choice!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gal Pals Are A Must...

Happy Friday Y'all...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Blue Steel Or Magnum...

Has Maggs been watching Zoolander?
YOU decide...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maggie's Newborn Photo Session...

Mommy and Maggs...
Sister hands...
What a lil' cupcake...
Wrapping up my sis...
(mommy thinks this pic is so funny!)
Holding Maggs with love...
Mmm, Miss M is so yummy!
(This is the outfit we both came
home from the hospital in and that
I wore for my announcement photos!
Mommy is a bit nostalgic, wouldn't you say??)

Just a few of our fave photos
from Maggie's newborn session.
She was only 1.5 weeks old!
Once again our dear friend, Dore,
captured the essence of our family
in her photography. How blessed
are we to be given such a gift!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: Better Than I Ever Imagined...

My sweet little sister souls...
Paisley Grace and Magnolia True
(photo by Dore taken for
Maggie's newborn session)

It's good

BUT...It's good.
I am a mommy of two...
Spit up
Milk boob
Achy body
Ponytail hair.'s good.
Each passing day brings...
New experiences
More spit up,
and tears.

BUT... it also brings me a bit
closer to the woman I am becoming
as I grow and change
as a mommy of 2.
Some days I really miss
the old me and
the easy life of having
only 1 child and even
the far off days of no children.
Life without
the responsibility of
caring for 2 little souls.

My selfish life.
The days of sleeping in.
Traveling solo.
Wearing clothes that
didn't need to mask
spit up
and poop.
Having cute hair
Wearing heels
Staying up past 10
(oh, wait...I rarely did that!)

Yes, I miss those luxuries.
And there are many days I
am jealous of those who live that life...
BUT...This life, with my hubby and
my 2 girls is so much better than
I ever imagined.

With each passing day
I get a little closer to knowing
the new me. The enhanced version of me.
The me that is a mom of daughters.
Daughters that I will
continue to...
Daughters that will
continue to...
Yes, this life
is so much better than
I ever imagined.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Merci Miracle Blanket...

All swaddled up in her swing...
So still...
and so quiet!
Merci beaucoup miracle blanket...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magpie Is One Month Old...

Aunt Summer loving on our cupcake...
(Aunt Summer and Uncle David flew in
from NYC this weekend to meet my little sis
and to see moi, of course! What a treat!)

Magpie and Pup
4 Weeks old...

My little sis is one month old...
She is so cute! I love singing to her,
holding her, helping mommy
give her a bath, changing her diaper,
and dressing her for the day.
She loves to eat, and to be held!
Maggie is a happy camper if she
is in her sling, the Baby Bjorn, the
Baby Papasan, swing, car seat, and all
swaddled up in her miracle blanket.
She is also a big fan of her pacifier!
This week she has started smiling, and
even rolled over once from her back
to her tummy. Because of her tummy issues
she is NOT a big fan of laying on her back...
Hopefully she will outgrow all of the
gurgles and the toots poor babe!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Little Piggy Started Preschool...

Just a little shy at first...
Posing with my big girl backpack...
Merci beaucoup Ya Ya and Papa!
My first day of school outfit with an eiffel tower,
french poodle hair clip and braids...
(mommy is a little obsessed with this french thing, don't you think???)
C'est la vie...
I guess I have to go and make the best of it!
In my classroom #168~ Not so sure at first...
But I warmed up and started playing
puzzles with the other Paisley Grace!
Ready to learn and play, play, play!

So, my first day of preschool was yesterday.
Mommy asked daddy to take me because she
was just a tad emotional...It all went really well.
I like my teacher Miss Moe and the new friends in my class.
I got to wear my big girl back pack, and take a lunch in my
brand new lunch box! I told mommy that I had fun.
I liked playing puzzles, reading stories, playing with the
baby dolls, and playing outside. I told mommy I cried
once by myself on the playground but Miss Moe
told mommy I was happy all day long! I even went poop on the
potty at school! That says a lot, don't you think?
When mommy and Maggie picked me up I was so excited
to see them and tell them about my day. Mommy even had a surprise
for me waiting in the car...It was Mater and a new 'Cars' book!
Yea for Westlake Hills Presbyterian Preschool!
I am ready for a great year...