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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My ABC's Of Thanks: The 2009 Version...

A day of gratitude...
we are all so grateful for...
each other...
for sisters, mommy's, daddy's...
(ha, love that I am picking my nose!)
and for all our lovely family and friends!

We are continuing the tradition
of listing my ABC 's of thanks...
There are so many people and things
I am grateful for! My cup runneth over...

A: Aunts (Drea, Gg, Jen, Jen Jen, and Summer), Aidan, Ava,
Adalyn, Aubrey, Apples, Agave, Airplanes, and Austin
B: Bakers, Beach House, Bubble Baths, Babies of 2009,
Miss Bobbi, Backyardigans, Ballet, Books, Bubbly Water, and Belle
C: Caroline, Charlotte, Cats, Cars (the movie), Cactus,
Chips (tortilla please, with queso!) Cooking,
Coffee Cake, Cheese, Cupcakes, and Cinderella
D: Daddy, Dogs, Dancing, Dress-Up, Ducks, and Disneyland
E: Ella, Eliza, and Eggs (scrambled with cheese, salt and pepper)
F: Finley, Franks Restaurant, Flowers,
Frozen Yogurt, Fish, Freddie's Place, and French Fries
G: God, Grandmas (Nanie, Jean, Ya-Ya, Dewey, Oma, Martha)
Grandpas (Papa Fred, Papa Terry, Jeddi)
Gum, Gym Class, Grapes, Glitter, Gummy Candy and Games
H: Honor, Hawaii, Hot Dogs, The Hot Dog Song, and Hannah
I: Izzy, Ice-cream, and Ice
J: Jackson, and Jumping
K: Kate, Kylie, Ketchup, Kahala, and Kombucha
L: Lemonade, Lollipops, Library, Leaves, and Letter Factory
M: Mommy, Maggs, Mia, Mills, Miss Moe,
Michael, Milk, Mango (from Trader Joes, please!)
M and M's, Movies, Mermaids, and Music
N: Neal, Noah, Nancy, Nemo, Nuts, and Night Lights
O: Otto, Oliver, Olivia (the books, show and Ella's little sis),
Ocean, and The Great Outdoors (I love to be outside...)
P: My Favorite Letter, Popcorn, Popsicles, Pink,
Princesses, Pajamas, Pineapple, Panties, Pretend,
Playdoh, Painting, and Pooping
Q: Queens, Quesadillas (from Baker's of course), and Queso
R: Reading, Rock Band- Beatles, Running, Rocks, and Rainbows
S: Storytelling, Sea Turtles, Sand, Slides
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Shaving Cream,
Starbucks, Swimming, Singing, Stamps,
Stickers, Snuggling, and Sage Creek Loop
T: Talley, Trails, Trains, and Tents
U: Uncles (David, Derek, Emery, Evans, Mark)
Uniqua, and Umbrellas
V: Vanilla (syrup, ice cream, yogurt, etc)
W: Webb, Wyatt, Water, Watermelon, and Weekends
X: Xavier and X-tra time to play
Y: Yogurt, and Pink Yogurt Pretzels
Z: Zach, Zippers, Zig Zags and The Zoo

Wishing y'all a day filled
with thanks, giving, and
delicious food!
Paisley Grace

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Making Mommy Cry...

Mommy and Maggs
Holiday photo shoot with Dore...
(more to come soon!)

The only picture with mommy in
it that has made her cry...
(tears of joy, not disgust!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miss You Already...

This is how we felt having our Ya
in town...Gleeful!

We miss you already Ya!
Merci beaucoup for coming all the
way to Austin to spend time with
me and Maggs. We love you so much!
It's always special when you stay with us.
I loved watching movies with you,
reading stories, playing princesses,
shopping, eating out, and of
course snuggling, too!
Thank you for cooking me dinner,
giving me baths, and reading me
bedtime stories every night you
were here. Maggs says thank you
for holding and loving her...
We can't wait to see you next
month and we are so excited to
see your new home, too!
p.s. tell Papa Terry to get ready for us!

Safe travels!
Your Granddaughter
Paisley Grace
(Magnolia True, too!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Christmas Affair...

Oh Fiddlesticks!

If you missed mommy and
Eliza's mommy at Holiday Collectibles
this month, go on down to the
Palmer Events Center this weekend
to support the Junior League of Austin...

A Christmas Affair has many
shopping opportunities for
all this holiday season and
mommy and Eliza's mommy's
shirts will be available for
purchase at the Izzy and Ash booth!
So, get on down there y'all and
support my mommy and
the Junior League!

Merci Beaucoup!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: All We Need Is Love...

J'adore The Beatles...
Need I say more???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mommy and Paisley's Tip For Tuesday: Gifts For All Kinds Of Kids...

earth mama or papa...
crafty kid...
and petite artiste!
(Just a few of the personalities
mommy chose to search for
gifts for MOI this holiday season)

Mommy was making a list,
and checking it twice...
and she stumbled across
a website we love~
Land of Nod
(sure you've heard of it,
or shopped there yourself)
What's so cool about it this year
is you can shop by personality~
They have categorized gifts to
make your holiday shopping for
the little ones in your life so much
easier. We LOVE this concept
and had to share.
We know Amazon wish lists are
fun to make and so convenient,
but why not check out this site, too?
YOU might just LOVE it as much as we do!

Happy Shopping!

Paisley Grace
and her mommy, too!

Magpie is Three Months Old and Counting...

This is my little sister.
I call her Maggs.
She is 3 months old
and counting...
Right now she just
LOVES playing in
her excersaucer!
(which used to be mine
but I am sharing with her)
She likes to pull my hair...
She laughs, smiles,
and 'talks' all the time now!
I wonder what she'll start
doing next...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snuggling Sisters...

J'adore snuggling with my baby sister...
She is so cute...
And lovable!

Wishing y'all some
snuggle time with your sister
bff, honey, or loved one
this lazy Sunday...

p.s. Mommy is missing her sissy
and BFF a lot and can't wait
to see them both next month.
So, until then she is sending
BIG Texas sized hugs and kisses
to Aunt Jen Jen and Aunt Summer!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Melting Mommy's Heart...

Tonight mommy asked me
what my favorite thing
about today was and
what made me
so happy today...
(I've been in a really good mood)
I responded: YOU!
How could this not
melt your heart???

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Mommy's A Working Gal...

Oh Fiddlesticks! store front...
and side view...
Stacks of shirts on vintage children's chairs...

My mommy hard at work...
The Oh Fiddlesticks! gals...
(My mommy and Eliza's mommy)

My mommy is a working gal.
She and Eliza's mommy
have been hard at work.
Designing shirts.
Sewing shirts.
And now...
selling shirts!

This weekend they have
a booth at the show,
Holiday Collectibles,
here in Austin.
If you are local...
come on out and
support them
ya hear!

Happy Weekend.
Happy Working.
(or not)
Happy Shopping Y'all!
Paisley Grace

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Ladybug Fairy Faces...

Moi, and my many
Ladybug Fairy faces...

p.s. I promise this post is
the last of my Halloween picture posts.
As usual, mommy gets a
little carried away with taking
pictures of me and then she
can't decide which are her favorite.
So, she and I just post a bunch of them anyway!

Wishing you a whimsical Wednesday...
Paisley Grace

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mommy and Paisley's Tip For Tuesday: Time To Shop...

Come out and shop...
and support Oh Fiddlesticks!
Mommy and Jen will be selling their
trendy tees for tots this weekend
at Holiday Collectibles
here in our lovely city of Austin.
They'd love to see y'all there!

p.s. Don't you fret, if you
can't make it, or if you don't live
in Austin...YOU can still buy your
very own Oh Fiddlesticks! tee.
How, you ask? Why, all you
have to do is visit their blog,
their Etsy shop, or by emailing them...

Halloween In My Hood...

Moi, the Ladybug Fairy, and Mills, aka Yoda,
ready to go hit the loop up for some treats...
Hugging another beautiful fairy,
my pal Honor as Tinkerbell...
The annual picture of the ladies of the loop
with their babes. This year Maggs got to join in!
The 2009 Sage Creek Loop Halloween Crew...
Tinkerbell (Honor), Captain Rex (Aidan),
Captain Cody (Webb), Yoda (Mills),
and Moi, The Ladybug Fairy!

I am so blessed to live on
the loop, the Sage Creek Loop...
I have so many wonderful pals
who live in my 'hood. Thanks
mes amis for making this
Halloween special...

I LoVe y'all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Lil' Pumpkin Cupcake, Mmm...

Well, we tried to get a shot of us girls,
but my wings got in the way...
Our lil' Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake...
Mmm, isn't Miss M yummy?
The two Miss M's...
Mommy Melissa and Magnolia!

Mommy wasn't really interested
in spending money on a silly
baby Halloween costume for Maggs.
So, we put her in a white gown,
a pumpkin hat (thanks Hullum fam)
and some fancy black and white ballet
socks (I chose those all on my own!)
and we created our own costume~
A Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Ladybug FairyTale Begins...

Walking the 'hood...
Ready to get some treats!
This ladybug fairy has attitude...
Sporting spots, antennae, and a homemade
hair clip courtesy of my mommy...
And a ladybug purse, of course!
J'adore dressing up and
getting treats! Yummy!

Une petite preview
of my ladybug fairytale
that played on Halloween!

*p.s.Did you vote for ladybug in my poll?
Bravo if you guessed correctly!

Farm Finale...

Mommy and I striking
our pumpkin patch pose...
Hugging before the hayride...
Look! A pumpkin seed...
I found the perfect place to sit!
ON pumpkins and...
bales of hay!

Sweet Berry Farm Finale...

a few more of our favorite
pictures from our adventure!
The End!