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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Field...

There's a field about a mile from our pad. We like to go run around and explore with pup. Our pal Dore has even taken some pics of me and of our fam in this field/wooded area. On our last visit we discovered the water fountain. There is even a place for pups to drink! How cool is that? Only in Austin...

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Tex Mex Birthday Lunch For Moi...

Today it's my birthday. I am
FOUR!!! Last night we kicked the celebration off with my favorite foods dinner party and today we hit Polvo's so I could eat my favorite~ chips and queso! Delish!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

We LOVE The Beach Baby...

Mommy found this old post from December and thought it was about time to get these pics on the record! These were good times frolicking sea side in San Clemente with my sis and our cousins Jackson and Oliver. Just dreamy. When will I get to do it again???

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-Day {P and M Style}...

Monday was V-day.
Mommy and daddy were in SLC
but we had our sitter Shelly, Grandma Dewey,
and Ya Ya with us this year! We headed to school
armed with goodie bags for our school friends with kisses,
candy hearts, and handmade felt heart hair clips for all the girls.
Mommy and I had great intentions of making homemade
heart crayons, too but we just simply ran out of time!!!
It was also my cousin Kate's 11th birthday!
Happy Birthday Kate and Happy LOVE day {belated} to y'all!!!
P and M

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: {Dreaming}...

Ahh, dreaming...
of a bedroom like this
with my hubbs.
He's been gone for a week.
I miss him so...
But, we get to celebrate
Valentine's Day here,
with our favorite peeps
from NYC and Houston!!!
So, all is well.
The house is quiet.
I am drinking a little red wine,
snuggled up by the fire with my cozy
blanket and my pup.
Dreaming of my hubby...
and sleep!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost {FOUR}...

Paisley Grace Abdine ~Almost FOUR!
{pics taken courtesy of Mommy Keri's camera and fab new lens!!!}

I can't wait.
I have been ready to turn
FOUR for quite some time now...
I am so OVER 3.5!

Right now I LOVE anything Disney.
At least that's what I tell mommy.
oh, and I like Strawberry Shortcake,
The Care Bears, My Little Pony...
This list goes on and on!
I am still very interested in
music, yoga, dance, and ART.
Many afternoons you will
find me creating a masterpiece out of glitter
{I LOVE that stuff!} or having a naked dance
party with my lil' sis Maggs!
I LOVE playing
with my girlfriends and having special
time with mommy, daddy and grandma Dewey.
Recently mommy and I had a birthday slumber party
{Thanks for the fab idea Mommy Keri and Mia}.
I got to stay up late with mommy, watch a movie,
{Ramona and Beezus} and eat junk! I chose popcorn,
gummies, and goldfish. After the movie we played a game and then
I got to sleep in mommy's room! I had a blast and can't wait to do
it again! YOU should ask YOUR mommy or daddy
to have a sleepover party, too!
I promise YOU, you won't regret it!!!
This year for my party I struggled between a fairy party
OR a mermaid party,
but with some gentle coaxing from mom,
we are hosting a Woodland FAIRY Party...
We are going to dress up in tutus, wings, flowers, and wands.
We will dance, play, hunt for treasure and
sprinkle pixie dust all over ourselves.
And the best part? We will get to eat CAKE!!!!
Yum, yum, extra YUM!!!