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Friday, June 26, 2009

Uniqua's Hawaiian Holiday...

Here's a little water for you...
and some food...
(Kate and Neal helped me make Uniqua's
shoe box house! They are so creative!)

Posing with Kate close to the waterfall and fire...

Neal wanted to pose too!
Me and my pal, Uniqua!

At dinner with mommy, daddy, and Uniqua...
What should we eat Uniqua???
Such difficult decisions!

Right now I am a little obsessed
with The Backyardigans!
I must watch them on t.v.
every morning, and play
with them all day long...
(I even had favorite episodes that I like
to watch over, and over and over!)

I have a serious love for
Uniqua. All my Backyardigans friends came
to Hawaii with me, but it was Uniqua who came
to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes Tyrone
or Tasha would show up too! Kate and Neal were
creative with my stuffed pals...They helped me make
Uniqua a shoe box house, we fed them food, took them to
see the sea turtles, dolphins, and sting ray and
we even took them to the sand! Mommy likes
to play with them too! I tell her to make them cry, or
that she needs to change their diapers because they had
a poop! I like pretending they are babies!
Oh, and I must sleep with them all every night, too!
If one is missing, a hunt takes place combing the entire
house to find the friend that is hiding!
So much fun being 2!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bench Series...

Trying to get Tyrone and Tasha to pose with moi...

My pals, my cousins Kate and Neal...

The three of us together (plus a few Backyardigans)...
Attempting to get a family shot
(not so easy with a whole crew!)...

This will have to do!

The three musketeers...


Now I had to show a little 'cute face'...

Silliness at it's best!

Oh, how I miss you so!
(So does mommy and daddy but
we are all happy to be home in Austin
and sleeping in our own beds!)

Mommy and I decided to start our
posts dedicated to our Hawaiian
holiday with the bench series. It is
a tradition which started way back
when mommy was a little girl.
She would pose with Jen Jen and
cousin Michael on this bench every year
they would visit Hawaii and stay
at the Kahala...

J'adore traditions!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day...

June 2009

Happy Father's Day...

I love you 'D' Daddy!

p.s. Happy Daddy's Day to
Papa Terry, Jeddi, and
all the daddy friends and fam
I know...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

32 Weeks Preggers In Paradise...

Mommy and daddy on our balcony...
(They had a date last night to celebrate
Father's Day without moi!)

Mommy showing off her expanding bump...
Mommy adores her new frock
from MuuMuu Heaven...
(it's not really a muumuu!)

Well, I am off to the beach to enjoy my
last afternoon in paradise...
No time write~ but I promise I will be
posting lots of pictures and details from
our Hawaiian vacation real soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Park Play...

Water fountains are so much fun...
Can you spy the water in my newly shorn bangs?
I spent a good 10 minutes hanging out here...
And then I found the airplane...
I climbed on...
And played pilot!

This week mommy and I
met Cousin Jackson at a park
by his house in San Clemente.
Mommy tried to get a pic of the 2 of us,
but it didn't quite happen.
It's challenging trying to get a
2 and a 3 year old to pose for a photo!
Instead she got a few action shots of moi...

Happy Friday!
Happy Weekend...
I am off to the
island of Oahu!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Shower Of Love For Mommy And Miss M...

Mommy, Ya, and Aunt Jen Jen...

Mommy and Jen Jen...

Nealy Bug eating mommy's fave~ cupcakes!!!

Kate and her pal Gaby...

Cousin Shannon and Baby Talley...
We finally got to meet her and
she is so precious!
Cousin Lily and Baby Oliver...
He is so handsome!

Mommy, Cousin Shannon, Aunt Jen Jen and Cousin Lily
all oohing and ahhing over the babes...

Mommy, Aunt Nancy, Grandma Dewey, and Grandma Jean...
Mommy is holding Miss M's handmade blanket made
by Aunt Nancy! I have one too!

Mommy, Nanie, and the Baker Aunts and Cousins...
Miss M got a handmade quilt~ it is so yummy!
I wanted to play with it and have
mommy wrap me up like a baby in it!

Mommy, Aunt Jen, and Oma...
Mommy, Nanie, Aunt Jen Jen and Kate...

Last weekend Ya Ya and Aunt Jen Jen
had a little shower of love for mommy
and Miss M. I got to spend the day with
daddy while mommy ate cupcakes and opened presents...
Hmm, doesn't seem fair does it? Oh, well!
I know mommy had a lovely time as you can
see from the pictures. Miss M made out
with adorable outfits, 2 handmade blankets,
an alphabet quilt, painted onesies, and so much more.
I even scored a few big sister presents myself!
Mommy says Merci Beacoup to all who came~
It meant so much to her!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Storytime With Kate and Neal...

I couldn't be happier...
Kate is reading her new book to
me and 'Nealy Bug'!
Happy Weekend Y'all...
Wishing you snuggle
time with the ones you love!
p.s. I will be blogging soon
about my California adventures.
We've been so busy I haven't had the time!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mommy's Thought for Thursday: What Paisley Says...

My girl just cracks me up...
I need to write down what
she is saying more often.
Sometimes I wonder how
she got so silly and then
Alan reminds me that
she is my daughter!
So, with that being said,
here are a few things she has
said recently that I just ADORE!
I wish I could remember more
but my preggo brain can only do so much!

"Oh my goodness mommy...
another bug!"
"Daddy picked it up like a man!"
"Ladies eat lettuce. Men eat tomatoes."
"Did you have fun mommy? You
go to yoga class mommy?"
"Did you take a nap mommy?"
"See that boo boo right here?"
"I like antiques!"
"That's the Eiffel Tower!"
"That was just a little toot!"
"Let me think. How about
Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MC Donald?"
Where'd Mr. Sun go mommy?
He's night night. He's wearing his jamas!"
"M is stuck on mommy!"
"M is touching mommy's bee bo!"
"People need coffee."
"You want to read Happy Birthday Thomas?"
"You want to watch Backyardigans with me?"
"Actually it's a crane!"
"Ya Ya, that's wine!"
"Those are just mountains, not volcanoes."
"The clouds are moving. M is moving like the clouds."