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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommy's Thought For Thursday: Just Because...

Oh, how I adore this pic of the three of us.
{Wish our Maggie girl was in here, too!}
I don't have much to say other than I
LOVE my hubby. I LOVE my little gals...
{even though I was about ready to put myself
in a mommy time out this afternoon...}
Ready for it to be Friday.
Looking forward to catching up
with my old pals from my teaching days
with a happy hour reunion tomorrow.
Thrilled that ONE week from tonight I will
be on a jet plane headed for NYC.
Ahh, so tired. Ready for bed.
Nightie night!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Family...

I decided to draw my family today. All on my own I started this design. First I drew myself, then mommy, daddy and pup. Oops! I forgot to draw Maggs...don't worry I added her in later!
Ps. Mia and Aves~ mommy said she saw you both drew your families on your blogs,too! Great minds think a like gals!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mommy's Six On Sunday...

Mommy's Six on Sunday...
'cause I've been a wee bit busy!
I'll try to give y'all a little catch up
session right here, right now!

1. I chose these pictures because they make me smile.
There is no point I am trying to make. They don't tie in to my
blog post. It is all randomness. Pretty good for me, Ms. Type A...
I am learning to let go. Ahh, it is a HUGE lesson for me.
I don't know if I will ever be able to let go of some of my obsessions
but I am learning to relax a bit more and go with the flow.
See, the pics are proof. Half are edited and half are not.
And guess what, it's okay, isn't it!!!
2. Maggs is walking. She is talking.
She is getting in to everything.
She climbs.
She jumps {on the couch}.
She LOVES music and gym class.
She is daddy's girl.
She is full of spunk.
We are so in LOVE...
3. Pais has been real sick this week with
a nasty viral infection. EWWW!
Gunk is coming out of her eyes, mouth and nose.
She has a viral rash, too and DESPISES taking
her medicine. We have tried pretty much everything.
I finally played Mary Poppins and literally got a spoon full of
rainbow sugar to help the medicine go down. It has worked twice.
We shall see how long that lasts!
4. My business with my dear gal pal, Jen is taking off.
I am actually working every day. I am in heaven.
I am living my dream. It is absolute craziness trying to
organize myself, keep things balanced and sane but hubby
has been amazing and the girls are adjusting to mommy working...
So~ I am going to continue to thank God for shower of blessings
I continue to receive with my marriage,
children, relationships and now work.
5. I am going to NYC in one week. Can't wait to see my BFF,
cousin Michael, and my best gals aside from BFF
{Grandma, Mom,Sis and my Aunt GG}.
Can you believe we are ALL going to do NYC together???
It can't get here soon enough. I am so ready for some adult time.
Some BFF time. Some family time. Some NYC time.
Some wine time. Some shopping time.
Some theater time. Some sleeping time.
Some reading time. Some slow drinking coffee time.
Some sleeping in past 7 am time.
Some alone time.
6. Lastly on my Six on Sunday...
I am taking pilates on a reformer.
We joined a fancy pants gym called Lifetime Fitness and
we LOVE it! Great facilities, classes are amazing,
personal training rocks, childcare
is good, and so is the spa and cafe!! So, I have been wanting to try
pilates hoping it would help manage my back/neck pain
due to my scoliosis and mommy duties. I was a little scared
of the equipment but I am loving it and seeing results.

Ciao for now!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Magpie And Piggy Walk Their Pup...

YouTube Video

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Piggy Tales By Mr. Adrian...

"Paisley has had a wonderful adjustment back into her classroom and
really seems to be enjoying herself. She loves to work on many
different things. Lately, doing tons of artwork (especially
with the colored tape and oil pastels) and making jewelry. She also
loves dramatic play and is often found at the tree house. She is
loving our new story time as well as our books on cd. She is such a great
helper and just an all around kind of girl. She could be reading a
book one minute and building or doing art the next. She loves the
outdoors, especially the swings..... I melt every time she calls across the play ground, "Mr. Adrian, can I have a rocket push please?"
We searched for treasures on the playground for mommy and have come up with a few, but I'm not sure if they make it home. Shelly and I are so happy to have her with us."
~Mr. Adrian

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: {The Sunday Brunching Series}...

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Location:Sage Creek Loop,Austin,United States

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy And Daddy's Room Is Getting A Makeover...

Their new head board courtesy of the
The Home Shopping Network!
Mommy just LOVES Nate...

Anthropologie's gazelle head made from
vintage french books~ Tres Chic!
(This is replacing daddy's mini moose head
he had back in the day. Mommy made him
get rid of it before she would marry him!}

Daddy's new nightstand from Pier One...
Mommy's is a vintage find from an
antique mall here in Austin...

Mommy is trying to decide on a new
quilt or duvet cover...

These are both from Urban Outfitters...
Opinions??? Mommy can't decide!

Mommy and daddy are spicing up
their bedroom. They felt it was time
to turn their bedroom into a sanctuary~
Well, at least a lovely place to sleep.
{There's really no escaping me and Maggs!}
They are keeping the green paint on the
walls but updating all the furniture and giving
the room a little more of an eclectic look,
that matches the rest of the house.
This is a preview of what mommy is
trying to pull together...
We will snap some shots once the
room is complete. We might even
add in a few of the house to show
y'all the other updates we have done, too!

Happy decorating!