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Ma maman et j'espère que vous adorez notre blog !

Saturday, February 27, 2010

That's What Bff's Are For...

Mommy and Cousin Michael
posing as 'ballerina's!'

In an attempt to make
mommy laugh and cheer her up
a bit, Aunt Summer posted this!
YOU have got to check it out
if YOU are looking for a good laugh, too!

p.s. Don't worry about mommy,
she's okay, just dealing with a
bad back and neck issues!
Daddy, Maggs, pup and I
are all taking real good care of her!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Take Me To Paris, Pronto...

And this is why we LOVE...
I mean, amour, all things

Take me to Paris,
pronto, so I can go
shopping here...
Calling Aunt Summer,
do YOU want to go???

Happy Friday...
Wishing you
a delightful shopping
experience wherever YOU are!


p.s. mommy and I are still officially
on a little break, but we could NOT
resist sharing these images!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love...

Maggie and Pup...
A mutual LOVE!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Princess P Is Taking A Break...

Ya and Papa Terry got me...
A hot pink tutu swimsuit and...
hot pink and white polka dot diva shades...
I began practicing my
Princess P poses right away...
and my lounging look...
(with a pout, to boot!)
This princess is ready for Hawaii!
(Too bad I have to wait 4 more months!
Guess I will just continue to practice lounging
here at home...where it's SNOWING!!!)

The party's over...
and I am pooped!
Well, to tell you the
truth, mommy is and
we are going to take a
few days off from blogging
to rejuvenate. Mommy and
I have so much to tell you
about my birthday party,
what it's like to be 3,
and so much more.
So just hang tight folks
and we will be back in a few!

Paisley and
her mommy

Friday, February 19, 2010

This Little Piggy Is Three...

Piggy, Piggy
Today's the day...
You turn 3
hip hip hooray!

Paisley, Paisley
What do you say?
I am 3
and I want to
do it my way!

Daughter, Daughter
3 years ago today...
YOU came into this
world and we thank God
for this everyday!

Sister, Sister
Today's the day...
You are 3
and I want to
do it your way!

Piggy, Piggy
Today is your birthday...
we LOVE you

Mommy, Daddy,
and Magpie

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tea Party Fit For A Princess...

The invite...
Snacking princesses...
All set for the tea party...
Princess Ella...
Princess Adalyn...
Princess Hannah...
Princess Ava...
Princess Charlotte...
Princess Mia...
The Princess Entourage...

Yesterday I had a little tea party...
6 of my gal pals came over
to eat, sip tea, dress up,
make wands, bead necklaces,
and play, play, play!
My favorite part was putting
rainbow sugar on my bagel,
eating the tea party mints and
mini cupcakes! J'adore treats!
Mommy and I had planned for me
to use my breakable tea set to pour my guests tea,
but as you can see in the pictures we chose
to use plastic cups and paper plates.
I was a little disappointed but mommy explained
that she was trying to avoid a tea party disaster!
My princess guests left with princess
tattoos, Tinkerbell socks, diamond
rings and earrings, and a princess
that I chose for them! This princess
sure had a LOVELY time
and I can't wait
to do it again...
*Mommy says maybe when I turn 4!
Does she really need one full year to recover???

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little 'Talley' Came To Texas...

Talley and Maggs playing...
Maggs checking out Talley playing with her toys...
The girls...
Cousin Shannon and Cousin Talley
Mommy and Magpie
(don't mommy and cousin Shannon look like sisters???)

Last week we had a special visit from our
California cousins Shannon and Talley.
They were in Texas visiting old friends
and relatives. It was so special having them
come to Austin for the first time~
Unfortunately, I missed the whole event because
I was at school BUT mommy and Maggs
had a lovely visit with them. I was
sad to have missed them but was
excited to receive the super groovy
princess bath set they left for me!
I just LOVE birthdays...
I keep getting treats and I haven't even
had my official birthday yet!
This year mommy and daddy are
giving me 1 present a day a week prior to my special day
to spread it out a little! No complaints here!
Only 3 days until I am THREE! Yipee for me!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hearts A Plenty...

A Valentine display of photos, hearts and love notes...
A Valentine for mommy made
by daddy and me at school...
My fabulous Valentine holder made at school
to hold all my Valentine treats...
Little candy Valentine packages
mommy and I put together for
my neighbor friends...
Had to give my sweet teachers a little something, too...
Don't you just heart these bowls? We found them at Target!
My homemade Valentine's cards for my teachers...
And these were for my pals in my class...
(they got organic lollipops!)
And last but not least
Valentine care packages
we put together for some
peeps at a senior center...
They LOVED them!

Happy Heart Day Y'all
and Happy Birthday to my
LOVELY cousin Kate!
Wish I was celebrating
with YOU tonight but
we will celebrate together
soon! I LOVE you!!!

Paisley Grace

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Princess, Prune Baby, And Pup...

The pup and a hint of a glass slipper...
The prune baby...
and the princess!!!

Just a regular night at our pad...
A princess and her glass slippers
sipping soup, an angelic lil' babe eating
prunes, and a pup trying to get a piece of the action~
After we ate, we turned on some standards,
got out the instruments and danced the
night away, like every princess needs to do!
My motto is: "Shake your bodah, shake your BODY every day!"

Wishing y'all a weekend
of body and booty shaking!

Paisley Pig and
Maggie Pie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All I Want For My Birthday Is...

A guinea pig, or a bunny...
Well, what I really want
is a pink car to drive in my house.
And some princess stuff.
Sleeping Beauty stuff.
Cinderella stuff.
Ariel stuff.
Belle stuff
Snow White stuff.
A Jasmine costume
and a Tinkerbell costume
with wings...
Hmm, am I missing anything?
Oh, YES!
And I LOVE accessories~
socks, bracelets, necklaces, & headbands
and of course my all time favorite...

p.s. Only 8 days left until I turn 3! Yippee!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magpie's Mane...

Maggs woke up with a mohawk...
It was the craziest hair we had seen on
her yet! We call it 'peacock' hair...
Mommy couldn't resist putting her
'feathers' up in a little birdie tail..
And, viola...
Mommy captured Miss M's first 'tail' feathers
and sitting up on her own, too!

Magpie is now 6 months old...
She is halfway to one.
She is eating fruits,
cereal, and a few
veggies. She loves
to sit, drum, drive my
car, play in her excersaucer,
and talk. She does NOT stop!
She also loves to move her legs...
They just go. go. go.

At her 6 month checkup
Miss M weighed in at 14lbs 1 oz~
She is 25.75 inches long~
And her head is 43 cm!
She is a growing girl and
we are all so pleased
with her A+ check up!

Here's to another
healthy and happy
six months with my lil' sis.
We can't wait to see
what she starts doing next...