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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Piggy Party: Part Deux...

Birthday parties can really wear you out!
I was slightly overwhelmed having
all my friends in one place
but I still had a blast!

J'adore my elephant cake!
(do you notice the little fleur de lis?)
Mommy's red velvet cupcakes with
little red elephants as toppers!

Just a few more pics from the
party taken by our pal Dore!
Don't you love my elephant cake?
Our lovely friend and neighbor, Anna
made it for me! It was a red velvet
cake with hot pink and turquoise frosting!
Delish! Mommy made the cupcakes which
were tasty too but a lot less complicated!
Happy Weekend...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Piggy Party Part Un...

Starting the party with a little 'bang!'
Ready to bring down
the pinata in my birthday garb...
J'adore my red tutu and elephant sweater!

Swing...Getting a lift from daddy...
What do you think
of my rainbow baby legs?
I was quite colorful!

After many attempts by me and my friends,
Uncle Evans brought the pinata down!
We had so much fun collecting the lollipops!

Saturday was a big day...
I had my "animal" birthday party
to celebrate turning 2!!!
Ya-Ya, Nanie, Papa Terry and
Grandma 'Dewey' all flew in
from California to celebrate
with moi! I also had a troupe
of my nearest and dearest helping
me ring in my new age.
(I feel so grown up!)

We decorated prize bags,
got animal tattoos, and kitty cat faces
painted on us (courtesy of Aunt Drea),
and swung at a pink elephant pinata!
There's so much more to share but
I am off to take a nap. I am
still recovering from the big day.
We pigs sure know how to party!!!

p.s. Piggy Party Part Deux coming soon...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Moi...

Loving Sophie on my Birthday Eve...
I am now 2 years old!

What a day it was...
Turning 2 was so much fun!
I started the day with gym class and
to my surprise my pal Charlotte
was there making up a class!
Grandma "Dewey" came with us and
I showed her all around~
She noticed my mad climbing skills!
After gym, we came home and
mommy and I made rainbow cupcakes
with hot pink frosting and sprinkles!
Yummy! I ate 2 to celebrate my new age.
For lunch we went to Freddie's Place
so I could play on the playground
in all the rocks! I love it!
Of course I ate bok bok, with dip dip,
fries, and a fork! And a little lemonade
to wash it all down. By then I was
ready for a little cat nap...
Off I went to get some beauty sleep
to wake up to my Ya Ya, Nanie and Papa
here at my house! We opened a few presents
and then off we went to ride
The Zilker Zephyr! What a treat!
When we got back home I didn't want
much dinner, I just wanted to eat cupcakes.
Do you blame me?
What a way to bring in age 2!

p.s. Merci beaucoup for all my birthday wishes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Last Flashback Pics...

23 months old...
Cupcake frosting lips!
22 months old...
Tea party togs!

2 of my favorite things to do:
eat cupcakes and play tea party!

One Day Left Of Being One...

Paisley Grace Abdine
21 months old...

Mommy and Daddy's List
of Favorite Phrases I Say:

1. I lub you mommy.
I lub you daddy.
2. Mommy hold you.
3. Look Mommy!
4. Cook breakfast with daddy?
Make eggies?
Need pan, oil, salt, pepper, eggies,
black bean burger...
5. No dig dig pup!
6. Olibia feed baby
booberry pie!
7. Old 'Dick' Donald had a farm...
8. Hold hands with mommy.
Snuggle with mommy.
9. No listen mommy's music.
Just 'Paispeas' music!
10. Daddy, I need more cookie...
(lollipop, bobbie, etc.~this is
always said while staring directly
into daddy's eyes and gently petting
his scratchy beard. It works like a charm!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paisley Is...By Paisley's Mommy

My girl has many faces!

P~precious, persistent, playful, punky pig
A~adorable, adventurous, affectionate, animal lover
I~intuitive, introspective, imaginative, introvert
S~silly, snugly, sassy, spunky, stylish
L~lovable, lively, lyrical, lollipop licker,
E~enchanting, energetic, earthy, elephant enthusiast
Y~youthful and yummy!!!

My girl is many things.
As she nears age 2
I see her. I know her.
I adore her.
I cannot imagine a
world without her.
There is so much to
say about her.
She is a blessing.
She is a miracle.
She is my girl.
She is a slice
of me and her daddy.
She has all our best
parts. And so much more.
Time continues to reveal
her quirks. Her 'Paisleyisms.'
I continue to learn about myself
as I parent her and I amazed
at how joy filled and peaceful
her almost 2 year old world is.
I immerse myself in her vision
every day and I see things so differently.
It is so refreshing, light, and new.
And I thank God that I can be
apart of it. She is the best thing
about me. My greatest success...
My girl, Paisley.

p.s. only 2 days left!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Look For A New Year...

Why am I so serious?
Is it the new do?
I am trying to keep my
food out of pup's reach!
(See, I am not so serious all the time!)
It doesn't help the situation any
when I lounge in his bed...

He is so tempted!
Ha! Too bad pup!
I am not sharing!

The countdown continues and
the day I turn two creeps
closer and closer and closer!
Today I had the pleasure of
experiencing my 5th haircut!
I was NOT thrilled...
I cried a bit but was
then bribed with a cherry lollipop
and things started looking a little
brighter. I also enjoyed watching
the 'big' girl next to me get her
hair cut too! I am pleased
with the end result. My bangs
are a tad short for my liking but
they have nice movement to them
and I think they show of my big blue eyes!

p.s. Mommy, daddy and
Grandma Dewey like it too!
What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

For The Love of Elephants...

20 months old...

Is this when my
love of elephants began?
All I know is that I am going
to have an elephant cake, an
elephant pinata, and elephant
decor at my 2nd birthday party!
Oh, and I am going to wear
an elephant too! Where you ask...
You will have to wait and see!
Too bad I can't have
live elephants at my party!
Can you imagine that???

My Favorite Things To Do In Austin...

19 Months Old...
Playing in my pal Hannah's pool!

My Top Ten Favorite Things
To Do Around Town:

1. My Gym
2. Music Together
3. Austin Children's Museum
4. Riding the Zilker Zephyr
5. Walking The Town Lake Trail
and feeding the ducks
6. Palmer Water Fountains
7. Little Stacy Park
8. Barnes and Noble Bookstore
(I love their train table!)
9. Going to the mall~
I always enjoy seeing the fish
in the children's shoe department
at Nordstrom as well as listening to
the piano player, I like riding the
elevator, eating at CPK, playing
in the PBK store, and getting
a snicker doodle cookie!
10. Playing on our loop
with my friends!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Favorite Adventures of The Past Year...

Chillaxing in the sand...
18 months old...
Playing on my favorite
beach in San Clemente, CA

1. Zoos~
The San Diego Zoo,
The Houston Zoo,
and The Austin Zoo
2. Beach Time in San Clemente
with family and friends at
Nanie and Papa Neal's beach house
3. Flying on airplanes
to California to visit all my family
4. Riding the Zilker Zephyr
5. Petting Zoos/Farms~
Sweet Berry Farm,
Oak Glen, and
San Juan Capistrano Petting Zoo
6. Swimming~
With "Dewey" at Little Stacy Pool,
and at Kate and Neal and
Ya and Papa's pools
7. Being a flower baby in
Uncle D and Aunt Jen's
May 2008 wedding
8. Aquariums~
Houston, and
Long Beach, CA
9. Dressing up as a punky princess
and a honey bee for Halloween
10. Live theater~
Sesame Street Live!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

1 Week Left Of Being One...

17 months old with Aunt Jen Jen,
Kate and Neal. One of my favorite
memories of the year~ Hanging out together
in their pool! I am such a water baby~
Well, I am a Pisces!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: 16 Months Old...

Trying to catch some shade
on a hot day in Austin...
Pup came along for the ride, too!
p.s. This is the day I had my first snow cone!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Favorite vs. Mommy's Favorite...

Some of my favorite things
in the whole wide world are books!
I heart looking at books.
I heart reading books.
I heart listening to mommy
and daddy read books to me.
I heart "reading" books to my friends...
Mommy on the other hand loves photography.
She hearts looking at pictures.
She hearts taking pictures.
She hearts editing pictures.
She hearts watching others
take pictures...
(especially of moi!)

So, mommy couldn't resist posting a ton
of pictures today of her favorite pictures of me...

From my photo session last May...
I was 15 months old!
These are very special to us because our pal Dore ...

Was able to capture me in my element...

Playing in my kitchen...

Lounging in my bedroom...

Sitting on my chair...

Playing with pup...
And getting serious in the rocks!

So, I thought today would be the perfect
day to share with my favorite books.
Books I have enjoyed looking at, and reading
over and over and over again!

My favorite books of the year:

1. The Olivia series (currently I am
obsessed with Olivia And The Missing Toy)
2. If You Give A Cat A Cupcake
3. The Foot Book
4. Dear Zoo
5. Eric Carle Books:
(The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, etc.)
6. Each Peach Pear Plum
7. Paisley, Paisley What Do You See?
(My MAMP book)
8. Barney Goes To The Zoo/Farm
*Thanks Aunt Jen for introducing us to Barney and Friends!
9. If You Give A Pig A Pancake/If You
Give A Pig A Party
10. The Cleo The Cat Series
*11. Kitten's First Full Moon
(mommy had this book signed for me
when she met Mr. Henkes...
and I was in her belly so I guess
that means I met him too!)

What are your favorite books?
Currently, mommy is a little
obsessed with the Twilight series.
Although, she has been slow to start the
4th book...Get cracking mommy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pigs Like To Travel, Too...

14 months old...

I am a traveler.
I have been since I was
3 months old.
When mommy and daddy
get out my sit and stroll
car seat/stroller I know
we are about to take a trip
on an airplane. I love
climbing in this seat
but I am not too keen on being
strapped down in it!
I have had many an adventure
sitting in this seat~
Typically it is when we fly
to California. I love to fly!
I am fascinated with airplanes and helicopters.
Daddy thinks I would like to fly with Papa
on his plane! I think I would too!
Next time I fly I will be 2,
and I won't need to use this
seat on the airplane anymore!
I am growing up so quickly...

p.s. Thank you Aunt Jen, Uncle E,
Kate and Neal for my Little People Pink Airplane...
I love making it fly! Mommy and
I pretend we are making it fly to Hawaii!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

13 Days~ 13 Months Old...

Posing in a field of

Mommy loved this picture of moi!
It is one of her favorites from month 13.
We know it was already posted on Piggy
Press last March, but we couldn't resist posting
it once more! This year mommy is attempting
to keep the flashback pictures to a minimum~
Only picking her absolute favorite for the month
we are blogging about. Don't hold her to it...
She's been known to say one thing and then do another!

I am off to take and bath to scrub off the cupcake,
and apple juice from my pal Charlotte's 2nd Birthday
Party. It was an absolute blast...We played at My Gym and
I can't stop talking about riding the train! Thanks for
a fun filled evening Charlotte and Happy Birthday!

p.s. Wishing you all a peace filled Saturday
evening and cupcake dreams...


Friday, February 6, 2009

14 Days To Go, But Who's Counting???

Getting ready to taste my 1st cupcake
on my 1st birthday at my party in California...
February 2008
Hmm, pretty tasty!
Now I know what all the fuss is about!

My Top Ten Favorite Sweet Treats:

1. Lollipops...I like the pink ones!
2. Cupcakes...chocolate or vanilla
but it must have pink frosting!
3. Yogurt Pretzels
4. Mother's Frosted Animal Cookies
5. Snicker doodle cookies
6. Pink M and M's
7. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
8. Snow cones... strawberry, and coconut!
9. Animal Crackers...chocolate and vanilla
10. Birthday Cake~ I have requested an
elephant cake and cupcakes this year!

What are your favorite sweet treats???

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Make-up By Mommy...

Getting my make-up done
from mommy at
Eliza's princess party!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Talley...

Ya and Papa holding my new cousin...

Our family is proud to announce
it's latest member:

Talley Leighton O'Neal

1:06 pm
6lbs 6 0z

20 inches

We cannot wait to meet her
when we visit California this spring!
And we adore her name...
She is named after mommy and
Cousin Shannon's maiden name.
Too cute!

p.s. I am so glad you made
it here safely Baby Talley.
I have so much to teach you!

Paisley Grace
your new cousin

Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Princess Party...

I started the party refreshed from a 2 hour nap~
and was ready to dress for the occasion!
I wore my crown and tutu...

I was also ready for some birthday treats...
Oh, Eliza's cake looks divine!
I contemplated taking a lick but mommy was
watching me like a hawk!

After eying all the yummy treats and tasting
a few pink m&m's, mommy, daddy and I
headed outside to see the local ducks...

I think I was more excited about
the ducks than anything else!

I wanted to see the ducks first before I
experienced the princess party!
Always a better view in daddy's arms...

The ducks were honking at us~
They even followed us into the street.
Mommy and I were startled by their honks!

The birthday princess awaiting her cake...

What a cake! We all loved it...
Our family had seconds!

A costume change is always
appropriate for a birthday 'diva!'
After cake, I took a little time to decompress in Eliza's
playroom. Mommy and I read books and...
I found a horse to ride...

The party concluded with a little play time
with my daddy and Eliza~We love playing dollhouse!
Thanks Eliza for inviting me to your birthday party
we had so much fun! I love you!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Happy Anniversary Uncle David and Aunt Summer.
Aunt Sum, I hope Uncle D is treating you like a
princess today...Do you think you will wear a crown and tutu
to celebrate your special day? Or maybe Uncle D will
get you something sparkly to wear (every princess needs jewels)
to commemorate your 7 years???